Locking computers for pit display

I’m letting 973 use my personal desktop with two 22" monitors for a pit display.

I’d like a slideshow on one, and video on the other but still have the computers “locked” with a password to prevent people from fooling with it, how can i do this?

One easy way would be to find a screen saver that displays the media you want, set it to start after one minute, and protect it with a password. A quick Google search turns up these:


Neither allows me to run both a video and a slideshow at the same time.

I have seen utilities that stores can use on display models, but have no luck finding them.

Assuming the slideshow and video will run on a continuous loop, why not just unplug the keyboard and mouse and store them somewhere else [hidden] in your pit? If there’s no input device on the computer, they can’t screw with it.

I’d have to agree with art, just have your video cables running to the monitors and the leave your PC in the back of the pit somewhere…

You could also use various security programs to lock your computer and still be able to run a program… I believe Fortress can do what your asking… Basically you tell Fortress what can and can’t be done, so basically all you have to do is unlock the system start and run the program and with 3 Hot Keys and password you can lock the computer up. People trying to screw with the computer will not realize it’s locked at all since theres no indicator that it’s locked.

Basically you start w/e you want, full screen that program if applicable and make sure the only keys that you set to work through Fortress are the Hot Keys you need to disable the security software. It’s user friendly and you can practically limit the user to only doing what you want them to do on that computer - the Bare Minimum just allowing them to Shutdown only :).

Most people don’t stand by Fortress or any other program for various reasons but I haven’t had any issues and still recommend it to people if they want to limit other users who use their Computer / Laptop to only doing certain things. Most BOE School Systems use various programs like Fortress and or Fortress itself b/c of the various kids who use the computers.


The cost effective way, I really don’t suggest unplugging the Keyboard or Mouse… Mouses are failry hard to get detected by a computer once unplugged and plugged back in where as a Keybd. isn’t as hard… I suggest using a wireless Mouse and Keybd. which is much easier and will work alot better then unplugging and plugging a wired peripheral possibly causing the system to crash. Since most Wireless Equip. is plug and play and uses a USB Port.

We use a similar program in our computer labs here at school to limit the students access above and beyond our networks rights policy for student accounts. The name of the program is “deepfreeze” and it sounds like it functions much like the program mentioned above.

For the one running video, is it using Windows Media Player 11? Because it has a feature where you can set a password when in full-screen mode.

All you do is double-click on the video (or whatever you do to go into that mode) and in the bottom right corner you’ll see a small lock icon. Click that, type in a four-digit numerical password, then hit enter. Now you can’t leave full-screen unless you go to that same icon and put in the password.

There’s also another program you could use called FoolProof. Works just like Fortress and everything h/e I’m not that familiar w/ that program. They used both programs back in my HS on mostly every computer… I wonder why lol…

Must’ve had something to do w/ kids playing Command & Conquer Red Alert / Doom 3D or maybe even Doom rolmao.

This may seem convoluted, but it should work. Create a VB.net application to play you WMV (I’m assuming) and in order to exit, require a password. Make it the maximum resolution with no Window bar, and have the exit conf pop up with the enter key and wait for 5 seconds for input.

If I had the time, I’d write the app for you! Maybe somebody else could. Sorry, I’ve been swamped.