Locking Mecanum Wheel Development (FTC 16461)

Thought I’d post this over here from the FTC communities since this mechanism’s birthplace was with FRC 3026 Orange Crush! Our FTC team this year went ambitiously for a locking mecanum mechanism, and ended up succeeding after over 6 months of R&D. Locking Mecanums (we abbreviate them to LMecs since we’re teenagers of this generation after all) are modified mecanum wheels that can brake their own rollers and turn into a traction wheel at will, allowing us to play against defense effectively and sometimes play a little of our own.

LMec as a mechanism combined with a few other innovations on our robot ended up winning us the Innovate award at FTC World Champs. It’s a great show of a lot of manufacturing techniques in FTC such as extensive 3d printing and post processing!

Here’s a video showcasing LMec’s design process (a couple versions don’t have much documentation but it’s still a great summary): Locking Mecanum Design Progression

And here’s a video showcasing the rest of our worlds robot if you’re so inclined to watch: 16461 Robot Reveal

It’s been really cool to get to apply an FRC concept like Locking Mecanum in FTC effectively, so I hope y’all enjoy!


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