Logging console data to text file on crio

I was wondering if any of the VXWorks Guru’s knew how to log all the console data to a text file. I know how to write data from within a program “c++” to a text file but, I’m looking to log “ALL” console messages. So, if a program crashes or I get any allocation errors I will be able to review that information later. Normally I would just plug a serial logger into the serial port but we aren’t allowed to do that this year.

I’ve never tried this, but a search turned up vxWorks’ iolib, containing the function ioGlobalStdSet, which should let you redirect standard output to a file that you’ve opened:

You likely won’t get the early boot-up messages that go to console as your code won’t have been loaded at that point to make this redirection, but if you are just looking to log your “printf” and other stdout-based logging output, this hopefully will do what you need. If you try it, let us know if it works.

I don’t see how this will redirect the console…

Where’s Joe or Greg when we need them :p.

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