Logging to CSV file in labview

For an off season project, I’d like to create a program that allows us to record a series of movements on the robot, and then play them back in autonomous. The way I am thinking of doing this is by every X seconds, record drive train position, rpm and timestamp and then write it to a csv file. From there we could stream that csv file to the talon srx in motion profiling mode.

My question here (well 2 questions I guess), is a) do you think this could work (if not how might I go about making this work) and b) how could I make/write to a CSV file in LabVIEW?

Yes this will work. In fact, I’ve done it before.

I don’t have LabVIEW installed on my work PC, so I can’t take any screenshots, but there are tools to take 2-dimensional arrays and save them to a file and read them back. I think they are under the file menu.

I’ve attached what I believe is the correct file. Hopefully it doesn’t reference anything special, but I’m not sure since I can’t open it.

Good luck!

Autonomous Recorder.vi (44 KB)

Autonomous Recorder.vi (44 KB)