Logical statements or math formulas

As of now, we arranged our robot’s code so it only contains one if… then statement, and that one came with the Default program to initialize the communication. :smiley:
The rest is pure math, looks nicer to me.
Which one is better? Formulas are usually shorter and take less RAM space, but what about the speed? What takes longer to process?
Anyone’s thoughts?

I was the lead programmer for my team last year, and at one point, I ran out of space for new variables. So, I took the default code and stripped it down to the bare minimum cod that we intended to use. I believe that it did process faster because it simply had fewer lines of code, but other than making it much easier to look at, I don’t believe it made much (if any) performance difference because I could not increase the radio communication speed, nor could I make a motor running at full speed run any faster by telling it to run at full speed more times in one second :slight_smile:

I haven’t done any voltage measurements to find out if the robot ran more efficiently or not, but any change would be negligible.