Logistics Behind the Game

For people looking for a video project I’d like to suggest Logistics Behind the Game. A two part series.

Part A would look at how FIRST build the KoP for Rookie and Returning teams. How IFI manages Vex Pro, Vex, VexIQ and Hex bug (valid VexIQ parts) out to close to 9000 teams. How AndyMark does FIRST Choice and AM Parts. The logistics, lead time, how crazy is it during before build, during build and during the season.

Part B would be the field and game parts. Now that there are more regional and district play, how does moving all the fields work from week to week to keep the events moving. Venue move in, set up, getting people in to help, game days, load up and move to the next venue.

An optional Part C would be the smaller suppliers like Cross the Road, and the smaller distribution companies.

Back in the day when it was a 1000 teams, most likely not really hard. Now with 4000 FRC teams, FTC / Vex / VEXIQ teams all working on robots at the same time it’s got to be really crazy.