Logitech Dual-Action Gamepad - Axis Problem

Hello Everyone,

We are programming using the Logitech Dual-Action Gamepads.

We’ve encountered a problem where we can’t seem to get proper values from the X and Y axes on the left analog stick.

We’ve tried printing GetRawAxis for all 6 possible axes, and the left joystick seems to change values on Axes 5 and 6, but gives values of only -1.0, 0 or 1.0 - nothing in between.

Has anyone successfully gotten values from this controller on the left analog stick?

-Mr. Lim…

The left analog stick on some gamepads is either a true joystick or the equivalent of a D-pad. Is there a physical switch to change your gamepad from “button” mode to “analog” mode?

Are you using the Gamepad class that I posted last year?

(Going strictly from memory since I haven’t played with any code yet this year) As Alan said, there’s a “Mode” button on the gamepad that either swaps the left stick and the D-pad or changes the left stick to “digital” mode. Try pressing that button a couple times.

Are you running the latest DS software? What you are describing sounds like a bug that was fixed during the beta.

On the controller, click the little “mode” button that toggles the little red light on/off.

Thanks guys…

Mode button that toggles the little red light did the trick.

Actually, we ended up restarting the DS, which also toggles power to the game-pad, which in turn reset the “D-Pad analog emulation” mode to off.

Sounds like just about everyone in this thread was right =P.

Thanks again, you can close this thread if you wish!