Logitech F310 Static Issue

I would like to ask everyone here for their expertise and their guidance. My team has been encountering an issue with our Logitech F310 controllers “soft disconnecting” from the Driver Station. Our controllers do not physically disconnect from our laptop, they just gray out on the Driver Station software and a rescan is needed to use the controller again.

Some background information:
We are using a Lenovo ThinkPad.
The laptop is kept plugged into the outlet at the Driver Station whenever at a match.
This happens predominantly when the robot comes back to the Hab zone and contacts the Hab Platform.
The Driver Station application still reports a Joystick Disable event in its logs; this error is the same as if the controller was physically unplugged.
The laptop is running Windows 10.

I have heard it is common with these controllers having static issues and teams encountering this before. Is there anyone who has had this experience or knows someone who can fix this? It is very frustrating and I have not been able to find a solution this entire season. Please reply as soon as possible.


How old are they? We have started throwing these controllers away when they exhibit any type of flaky-ness. That’s been our only solution to the disconnect / gray problem you are seeing. We throw away around 3 a year.