Logitech F310 Vector Graphics for Documentation

If anybody needs to create a diagram of the controls they’ve assigned to a Logitech F310 controller, here are some greyscale vector graphics of the controller made from Logitech’s advertising material.

The “BankGothic Md BT” font is required to correctly render the button labels in the controller graphics, as well as the text in the example driver controls and operator controls breakouts. I used Inkscape 0.92 to create the graphics (available at https://inkscape.org/).

If this is a redundant post, I apologize in advance (I couldn’t find anything like this myself, which is why I made it in the first place). I welcome any comments, criticisms, and/or suggestions, but I can’t promise I’ll follow up. Also, I’m posting here—and not in the CAD or IT / Communications forums—because it is my sense that this will be more useful to programmers than to designers and/or media people.


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Thanks! Sharing with my FTC teams.