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We would like to have our logo “redone” but we don’t know how to go about, neither do any of us on the team have the skills.



Original off of google

We want to make it transparent like a sticker. If the background blue can be removed, that would be great.

There are several programs which you can use to start obtaining the skills for image editing.

As for making a transparent sticker like logo, there are two options.

a. You can manually trace the subject with a lasso tool (, or similar tool, which ever suits your tastes) and erase the background.

b. Attempt to select the blue pixels using contrast and RGB channels

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Are these available on chromebooks or windows only?

Gimp is available on all platforms, check it out here;

Krita is a downloadable program for linux, mac, and windows;

Pixlr is a online editor, so you can theoretically use it on anything that can run it

do you by chance know what font is being used here?

What do you mean by “here”, as in Chief Delphi?

I would guess in the logo.

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I do not know the font in the logo

ITT: People who do not know about vector graphics, where all the components are described in mathematical formulas rather than saying “this pixel is red, the next pixel is red, oh the next pixel is blue…” When you send a T-shirt off for printing, or cut vinyl, or other things like that, you’re dealing in vectors (even if it’s just the T-shirt place doing it for you).

1293 didn’t have vector art for their logo, but luckily it was simple enough to redraw. You may want to shell out the ten bucks for Vector Magic to do its thing (it’s rad), although applications like Adobe Illustrator (or Intaglio in my case, which is more or less abandonware now but I have it) can do some of that.

Also, running your logo through WhatTheFont seems to confirm it’s either Humanist 521 Bold or Gill Sans. The former used to be the typeface of choice for Pokémon cards (might still be, I haven’t played in over a decade), the latter is a stock macOS system font. The difference is in the precise width, which is really tough to tell when it’s wrapped around a curve.


For another vector graphic option, I am a fan of Inkscape. When we made a new logo it was from scratch in Inkscape, and I’ve had success in creating a vector version of our school district logo from the only bitmap version anyone would send us. There’s always some time involved but it seemed like the Trace Bitmap tool was able to extract good enough images using color quantization that I could then edit the paths it generated for the parts that were wrong and touch it up.

Converting by hand is time consuming - something like Vector Magic that @Billfred referred to is probably worth it.


If starting from scratch, it’s a little painful but PowerPoint and Google Drawings can also be used to generate vector based logos and artwork.

I would use Photoshop/Image editing equivalent to get your ideas down and transfer everything over to vector format using Illustrator (or one of these: https://www.techradar.com/news/the-best-free-adobe-illustrator-alternatives). You have a lot more versatility with vectors over pixels. Best of luck!

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There are loads of people on fiverr who will vectorize/trace an image for you.

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I could trace the image in Photoshop, and reproduce the exact thing… Keep the background transparent also

does anyone know how to go from web safe color to hex code?

Greetings Aaron. I had a little free time at our team meeting and saw your post. I have a little experience in graphic design and redesigned a more modern version of your teams logo. 749b9dbf7a95daf6447e5a2680a85d26acdb9d13
The Motto is very awkward to put in a logo. So instead put it in a social media graphic like i did here!
I also included a SVG File aka a Vector File that can be resized to your liking with out the bits being https://svgshare.com/s/HrK
Anyways i hope i helped in some way and if you need any further help contact me here!
-Charlie Jimenez 498

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