Logomotion Logo

Perhaps I missed it in the logomotion of kickoff (ah hahahaha) but I do not recall seeing a game logo before the animation. And with the FIRST site being so cranky at the moment, I an not able to tell if they posted one. Did anyone by chance see the logo?

yes…it was small in the upper left hand corner during the explanation of rules

Ah, ok. I am guessing no one has found the PSD or anything yet.

Eventually the FIRST website will have (or it has already) a place where you can see and obtain a graphic of the game logo. As far as I saw it, the logo was rather simple.

Here is a video of what you are looking for on Youtube.

Pause it at 0:14 seconds and you will see the logomotion logo.

Credit goes to Team1743 for posting the video. Thanks!:smiley:

It’s already gone to the media: Logo

And it’s on wikipedia @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logomotion_(FIRST)

Here is a link to the FRC marketing tools website. http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/resourcecenter.aspx?id=952

On this page there is a link to the basic FIRST logos including FRC, FTC, FLL, and the 20th anniversary logo as well. I believe there are a couple extras too. Also there is a link to the FRC game logos, as of this posting it does not look like that page has been updated for 2011 as it has 2010 Breakaway’s logo still up there.

One thing I will also add is before you decide to take and use, place, or edit any of their images for anything anywhere to make sure that you read their rules about their logo use first. Which that stuff is found on the pages with the logos.

it’s on the FIRST website, but since it’s uber-slow (why dont they just take the site down to even out the traffic?), here’s an alternate link


Jack Kamen is Dean’s father…he supposedly designed (or gave the idea for) the FIRST logo…can someone verify that? i might be wrong

Higher Resolution Version


Also uploaded to http://team2502.com/uploads/rules/media/

(The rules isn’t really a relevant folder, but I started linking to it for just rules and it has expanded to a variety of things and I did not wish to change links and have people not be able to find the files they need)

Haha we try our best to stay up to date for all FIRST people :smiley:

You are correct, he designed the original first logo:

i bet there will be a bunch of stuff updated on the site on Monday. Maybe the site will load by monday!