Lone Star Regional 2016

Lone Star Regional happening in Houston this weekend. Update your Robot Picture on TBA.

Wildcard Generating Teams:
118 Robonauts - Winner @ GTRE & Rocket City
231 High Voltage - Winner @ Alamo
233 Pink Team - Winner @ Bayou & Orlando
1477 Texas Torque - RCA @ Alamo , Finalist @ Utah
2080 Torbotics - RCA @ Bayou
2881 Lady Cans - EI @ Alamo
3847 Spectrum - EI & Finalist @ Bayou
4587 Jersey Voltage - Winner @ Oklahoma

**Finalists : **
624 CRyptonite - Finalist @ Alamo
3735 Klein Bots - Finalist @ Dallas

**Semi-Finalists: **
1421 Chaos - SF @ Bayou
2352 Metal Mayhem - SF @ Oklahoma
2587 DiscoBots - SF @ Bayou
5829 AwtyBots - SF @ Bayou
6133 Haltom - SF @ Dallas

**Quarter-Finalists : **
1255 Blarglefish - QF @ Alamo
3991 KnightVision - QF @ Bayou
3999 Shadetree Robotics - QF @ Alamo
4639 RoboSpartan - QF @ Alamo
5414 Pearadox - QF @ Alamo

**Dark Horses : **
57 Leopards
2582 PantherBots
3997 Screaming Chickens
5416 TaRDIS
5427 Tompkins
5892 High Energy

So theoretically how low seeded could you be and still get a wild card?

65th. You could be the lowest ranked team, get picked by an alliance because you add something to the alliance that the alliance captain thinks is beneficial, end up as a finalist and have a wildcard fall to you.

Oh I wasnt aware of that.

Disregarding the seeding part, but it could be possible for a team to not even make it to finals and they could still pick up a ticket to worlds.

Yeah thats what i was getting at

What were you getting at? Are you asking about how to earn a ticket to championship? The rules for that are here.

Per the rules, Wildcards only go to the Finalist alliance. And they go in order: Captain, 1st pick, 2nd pick, backup (if present).

Yes. I was saying the finalists could also all be pre qualified. So the wildcards could go unused

There will be a lot of wildcards that go unused at this event. There are a lot of good teams that will be there and we could easily see a situation where everyone that is in the finals, regardless of the result, would qualify for champs.

Some additional things:
33 of the 65 teams have been to at least one regional
5 of the teams have been to two regionals
4 teams have OPRs > 40
12 have OPRs > 30
8 are in the 20s
6 are between 15-20

10 teams have have finished in the top 10 at a regional already this year:
118 (2x)
233 (2x)
624 (2x)
1477 (2x)

And as Lynca pointed out there are 4 teams that are coming in already having won Chairmans (2) or EI (2).

I know Pearadox has been working hard and we should be much improved from Alamo, but we’ll see if it’s just enough to stay “in the mix” or if it will be enough to stand out.

A very good line up for what could be the last Lone Star Regional (or 2nd to last)


Hello Lone Star!

The Blarglefish will be much improved and hoping to bring some heat to Lone Star. We have a faster high goal shot, a new low goal shot, and you’ll likely see some tower-scaling Blarglefish throughout the weekend. There’s a ton of top-notch teams competing in Houston…hopefully we can earn our keep and try to earn one of those Wildcards!

…cant wait to play more Stronghold in Houston!

Good luck to all the teams competing in Week 6!


  • here’s our scale with our practice robot

Team 5431 were finalist in Dallas with the Klienbots. We are looking forward to breaching, shooting and climbing with you all this weekend.

Though the Robot Competition looks to be fierce. I think the biggest win will be finding a Parking Place within 1/2 mile. With all the construction, show up early and bring your walking shoes.
Next be prepared for Saturday evening when there is a Concert in the Toyota Center. (Not going to advertise who) So knowing the parking lots, most will charge you $10 for the day, but at a set time the price will go UP and they’ll probably make you pay for the Evening price also.
Then we’re in for the best part, with a major event downtown, the TRAFFIC. :confused: :yikes: :confused: With all the road construction it’s going to be a major mess. :ahh:

Good Luck to all the Teams at the Competition, and Good Luck to all the Mentors and parents driving to the event.

Would someone be able to link the YouTube stream that TheBlueAlliance GameDay is using? I can’t seem to get to it through mobile.

4639 has been hitting high goals all day and we are ready for friday!

Is it just me or is the live feed just showing the practice day for everyone

Looks like Friday webcast has been moved here…

–Michael Blake