Lone Star Regional

Hey All!
What’re your thoughts on the lone star regional? From watching on NASA tv, my favorite teams were 16 and 118. Anyway, what do you think about the finals? I find it interesting that teams aren’t playing back to back in the finals like at VCU. That would’ve really helped us at VCU when we broke :frowning: From the official FIRST people, is that something they’ll now do at other regionals and nats?


Congradulation to Winners of Lone Star regional, Team 34, 192, and 457!!! I am so very proud of my old team 192 for finally winning a regional competition…

They did a great job playing matches through out the finals, and they deserve to become the Champion.

Also, VERY GOOD JOB done by the top seed alliance, team 16, 118, and 609!!!

First of all, I want to send a big shout out to our allience partners (192 & 457) and team 34’s Houston Comp Crew for an awsome job. The first thing conveyed to “Home Base” from the Rocket City Robotics Crew was how wonderful everyone cooperated with each other and worked as a team.

I watched from home via the webcast and was amazed by all of the good machines. I was especially impressed with team 16 and hoped that somehow we could be allied with them. I almost passed out when it came time to compete against them.

Congradulations to ALL the teams at Houston for what looked to me to be a great event.

See 'ya at St. Louis !!!

Down here in Texas, we like a good rodeo. Now whether that rodeo is with cattle and horses or with robots and goals don’t make a bit of difference. In fact, we had one of each down here in the last month.

But I’m sure you’re more interested in one than the other.

So I’ll tell you about the Lone Star Regional.

First of all, the hosts were great. The rounds moved smoothly, the scheduling was intelligent and fair, and everyone was cordial. We spent Thursday morning passing out customized American flags to each team in the regional - one red, one blue, each with a team # printed on it. They seemed to go over really well, with many teams using them on their robot or in their pit.

Here are a few of my impressions of robots at the competition:

  • 16 -](http://www.firstrobotics.net/02gallery/016-2.jpg) Baxter vacuums up balls like some kind of ball vacuuming, point scoring, competition beating machine, which is, I guess, ultimately what it was. They had two unlucky rounds in the finals against some tough opponents, and that put them (and us) into second place.
  • 624 -](http://www.firstrobotics.net/02gallery/624-1.jpg) Cryptonite was, bar none, the best brute force pusher in the competition. Five wheels on three drill motors geared down until they just can’t take any more means that it’ll take a while to get there, but when it does, you’ll know it. (The picture doesn’t do it justice)
  • 57 -](http://www.firstrobotics.net/02gallery/057-1.jpg) So similar in function to our robot it was almost scary. Combined with great driving, and leopard skin everywhere, it was another solid robot from a solid team.
  • 476 -](http://adidar.com/Robotics_2002_Robot_View_5.jpg) Ponca City has blown me away again this year with another beautiful robot. Not only that, but it just happens to be an unadulturated pusher as well. It took them most of Friday to iron out their bugs after a weather-shortened build season, but Saturday they were looking good.

I’ll think of some more to give y’all later, but I’m tired from all that robot rodeo action this weekend. Thanks to all of our great alliance partners, especially Baxter and Robo Lobos!

First of all, the Houston Lone Star Regional was awesome! Like team 118 said, all the rounds moved smoothly and the food at the team party was great! Every team was extremely nice!

The Baxter Bomb Squad had 4 great practice rounds on Thursday with basically no problems. Friday the fun began, at least for some teams. For us, team #16, all was going great. We were the first match and we were allied w/ team #317, the countdown was finished and, oh crap, we are turning in circles. Our whole right drive side wasn’t working. After the match, we figured out that there was a loose wire preventing us from using our right side, oh well. From then on out, we had very few problems and ended up seeded first thanks to our many allies along the way! Seeded first, we, of course, got first pick. Our first pick was team #118, an incredibly fast 2 goal grabber! Our second pick was team #609, another excellent 2 goal grabber. With our alliances, we fought through the semifinals to make it to the finals against teams #34, #457, and #192.

FINALS: We started out us (#16), and #118 vs. #457 and #192. Team #118 quickly grabbed onto to goals while we attempted to support them. All of the sudden, #118’s drive system went out, and our picket line slowly faded back and we were in trouble. With #118’s drive system failing, we desperately tried to push the goals back toward our scoring zone, but… unfortunately…, we lost the 3 goal match. Next match it was #16 (us) and #609 vs. #34 and #192 (i think). Team #609 quickly secured a goal while we filled up on balls that we were going to score into the goal (We never got to score them). Team #192 grabbed two goals and held on for dear life while #34 tried to hassle us from scoring our balls. Then, we encountered a major problem… We could not get away from our allied team #609, we were stuck on there other clamp, full of balls, and there was no getting off. For the remainding 1:30, we did everything we could do to break free, but there was no way to get off their clamp. We ended up losing. When the match was over, we walked over and checked it out and it took three of us just to get the clamp outta our robot. Hands were shaken, and fortunately, no damage was done to our robot. We had gotten 2nd place overall.

Despite our major problems in finals, our robot ran pretty good overall and we had a great time. Thanks team #118 and #609.

Great job to everyone in the Lone Star Regional!

I would like to thank teams #609 and #118 for being such a great alliance partners, and all the teams at Lone Star for being such a great sport. This competition was a lot of fun, it was great meeting you all, and I can’t wait to see everyone again.

Best of Luck.


To my 118 buddies,
Congratulations for our best year ever at the Lone Star Regional. Xerox Creativity, Motorola Quality, #4 seed, and Regional Finalists. Great Robot, a transmission, 6 wheels, and mini-me. Me and Josh liked the modifications you guys did to our cart. The two Chevy Malibu front end frames never looked better. Too bad we couldn’t put on the big police lightbar and siren for Nationals. Still those strobes and car alarm worked well at regionals. I never did hear all of Tom’s penguin joke which made the word “RADIO” a big running gag. If you guys want it,I taped the NASA Select broadcast. I think Lucien still has my tapes of the 2000 competition and I don’t even know what happened last year to my tapes of the 2001 competition. Good luck at nationals, ill be watching the webcasts here at Texas Tech dreaming about being there. Ill especially miss the annual team waterfight. Doing stuff like carrying around waterguns in the parks hoping to run into some engineers, like maybe outside the monorail station at EPCOT. Catching them with only a water bottle to defend themselves. (cough VERDEYW cough cough) Getting some revenge for using our stockpile of water balloons that Blake stole from us.

To team 609, thanks for being a great alliance partner. The matches with you guys in were always really exciting.
To the Bomb Squad team 16, thanks for choosing us as your alliance partner. Great robot, best ball gathering bot out there. Those drive wheels with the Chiaphua motors connected to a worm gear that goes through the axel to a planetary gear then to your wheels, that’s just beautiful.
To Sabina, It was nice meeting you(I was the Asian guy in the Robonauts polo). I wish we could have talked more. Good luck to you and your team at St. Louis and at Nationals.

Chris - that waterfight was brutal. I still have to walk with a cane from that water balloon blast I took in the knee from point blank range.

Well, maybe that’s an overstatement - but it really hurt.

As for your ambush in Epcot, that was just mean.

If you could get me a copy of the NASA select tape, that would be great. E-mail me at: verdeyw at hotmail dot com.



I would like to thank everyone at the Lone Star Regional for putting on a great show. I would like to especially thank our alliance partners. Team 57, I have to admire a team that can be so cool in the heat of battle while dressed up as leopards. Secondly to team 481 what a great set of drive trains, congrats again on your award.
I look forward to seeing everyone at Nationals.

Ken Delaney
Coach Team 357 “Royal Assault”

Kris, yes I agree that the shot to your leg was really brutal. I believe they were pulling that three-man launcher so far back that the next shot they tried broke it. That organized fight was pretty brutal. Jen took a shot that knocked the wind out of her. Lisa lost a contact. I remember a few engineers taking hard shots from our three-man launchers.

That ambush outside the EPCOT monorail station was in retaliation to when we were ambushed outside MGM the night we got there. It was Lucien, Fred, Jen, and Rob. When they saw us Fred ran to the bathroom to fill up his water gun. Josh, Ben, and I went back to the hotel pretty wet. After that we learned to not walk around the park unarmed.

The 2000 Engineer vs. Student waterfight was an all out war. Last year we had an agreement that if you walked by the pool you were looking to get wet, meaning that you were fair game to get thrown in. The year before that anyone was fair game. Ben was walking back to his room after getting dinner and was unfairly thrown in. Sha was dragged to the pool and thrown in with is cell phone in his pocket. Engineers and students were talking ice buckets full of water, knocking on team members doors then drenching not only them but carpet in the room. The students had an advantage because we had radios until Lucien tackled me down and took mine. When we ran out of water balloons we resorted to latex tubing. We had an over abundance of latex tubing because of that year’s robot. Most of the SPI budget was spent on latex tubing. We tied one end off and then jammed a ball point pen into the other. To fire these “water sausages” we would just remove the pen. To fill them Josh “MacGyver rigged” a Coke bottle cap, “RSVP” pen barrel, and plenty of duct tape into a nozzle we put on the sink. The engineers unscrewed the water hose from the toilet and used that to fill their balloons. The engineers would just be patrolling outside the rooms with huge water balloons. We had students in strategic points everywhere on the all star music grounds. Each of them had radios and when they saw an engineer we told everyone where they were to ambush them. That year was great. So again in my defense bringing into account the previous year my ambush was sort of mild. Still you did get me pretty well with that water bottle. Anyways its still all just good fun.

The Lonestar Regional was a blast! I always have loved FIRST competitions and this, being the first one for the Baxter Bomb Squad, was a great one to start the year.

There were many great bots out there. 118-the two goal grabber powered by lightning, 57-another two goal grabber, 609-two goal grabber who grabbed us in the finals (LOL, actually we ran into it and it, well did a good job of not letting us go. All I can do is laugh.), 624-a powerhouse one goal grabber, 446-a quick two goal grabber, 16-well, we were about the only ones who could pick up and score balls off the court.

There are many more to mention but I have very little time.

It was great and hope to see some of you at St. Louis and Nationals!

First of all I would like to congradulate our neighbor and bus-mates team #34. You guys have been at this for a long time and deserve to win.

Team #16- When I first saw your robot during practice rounds, I was really impressed. You guys built an awesome robot and I knew you guys would make it very far. You guys will do very well at nationals.

Team #118- When I looked on our schedule and saw we would play against you guys I was scared because I knew you guys would kick our butts. You guys had a very very good robot and I was impressed. Somehow I knew that team 118 and 16 would be paired up in the end.

as for our robot, we had many misfortunes. We missed our first two practice rounds and we didn’t fold out as fast as we wanted to. We had many warnings from FIRST about the way we were grabbing the goal and was not really consistent in stealing them like we wanted to. We were waaaayyy tooooo sllllooowww. Hopefully we will gear the motors up when we get to nationals. We also switched drivers a bit too much which is something I think that hurt us. Congradulations to all teams because I truly think we are all winners in FIRST. Good luck at nationals and I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Thanks for the compliment, Anthony.

*Originally posted by Anthony S. *
**We had many warnings from FIRST about the way we were grabbing the goal. **

For those that don’t know, 442 has a unique goal handling system, at least of the robots I’ve seen. They split down the middle into two ‘pontoons’ (that’s what I called them, anyway) that go on either side of the goal. It’s kind of hard to imagine a robot being camouflaged on a small sparse arena like what we play on, but there were times when I’d look out at a 442 match and wonder why there were only three robots on the field - it kind of blends in to the goal. :wink: A very cool machine.