Lone Star Regionals THANK YOU

The BearTecs wanted to give a big big thanks to our team members #1622 The Spyders and #2587 The DiscoBots. We were 7th seed team in the Houston Lone Star Regionals.While we didn’t get our intended results, we ended up still getting to compete with two GREAT teams. It was a blast. We definitely didn’t make it easy for the other teams! :wink:
Everyone there did great though. Houston was a good time. :slight_smile: good luck to everyone who makes it to St. Louis!

Spectrum would like to thank everyone at the Lone Star Regional for making it a special event.

I have been at Lone for 12 of it’s 15 year history and I love coming back year after year.

Thank you to our alliance partners 4587 & 2881. It was awesome playing with you and we worked very well together, enough to hand the eventual champions their only loss in eliminations. 4587 is quickly on their way to being a Texas Powerhouse, it’s amazing what they have put together in just 2 years. 2881 has been constantly getting stronger each year and this year they really went to work on their robot and it showed. We still can’t believe they were around for us to pick them on the back half of the snake. Thank you both again it was great working with you and will see you in the off-season.

Congratulations to the champions 148, 118, 2585. You all played extremely well and those semi-finals matches were awesome.

Congratulations to our friends on the finalist alliance 1477, 624, & 3997. You all have great machines and we look forward to seeing you at championship.

118, 148, 624, 1477 have all provided so much help and inspiration to our team and we love competing them every year.

Congratulations 3103 Iron Plaid for their Engineering Inspiration Win. Fantastic job and were so happy you get to come to St. Lous too.

Thank you to Mark Koors for coming down to Houston to be our FTA. We ended up having a whole handful of trained FTA’s at the event and they kept everything moving right on time.

Also a thank you to the inspectors for being awesome. Lyndon Bridgewater and company manged to get all 55 teams through inspection on the 1st day.

Thank you to 5307 and 5308, you all had to come long way to compete, and you did a fantastic job. We hope to have you back next year.

Thank you to team 1622 you all were a joy to work with and you’re welcome back in Texas anytime.

Another Congratulations goes out to team 5287 Flare from Orange, TX. We have been mentoring them all year and they have put in a ton of work. I was so excited when they were honored with the Rookie Inspiration Award.

This wouldn’t be complete without congratulating Les Ruthven of the Discobots 2587 on winning the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award. I started mentoring the same year Les did. He was a father of a student on the Discobots in 2009 when I was helping them as a college student. He’s had both his daughters go through the team but he has stayed on as one of the most critical pillars of the team. He’s a mentor that makes everyone else;s life on the team easier. He will always tackle the hard or ugly problem and work with the students to find unique solutions. It was an honor to be able to hand him his trophy. Thank you for everything you have done Les.

Thanks for selecting us. We knew there were plenty of other options out there but you chose us and we’re grateful for that. You guys, along with 1622 The Spyders were awesome to work with. We came up with a strategy and we all followed it on point. You guys were also super flexible when we had drive-train issues in the second match and were able to still run the cycles and score. We didn’t get the outcome we wanted but we definitely didn’t make the 2 seed’s trip to the semi’s easy!!

Enjoyed coaching with you guys and we hope 1622 enjoyed their tip down to Texas. Hopefully we can all work together again in the future!!

Also, congrats to 118, 148 and 2585 for winning Lone Star!! 118 has one this regional 5 times in a row now which is really impressive!! It’s amazing the quality of work you guys do year in and year out and definitely are a role model not just to us but to many teams throughout FRC.

Once again, 148 was very impressive going undefeated through Saturday losing only once to 118 in qualifications. You guys also have been a huge role model and influence to teams in FRC. We deserved win for you team as well.

Congrats to our friends 2585 on their first ever blue banner. You guys work hard every year and have improved year after year. You guys have a tough decision to decide if you want to go to FRC or VEX worlds. Feel free to contact us for anything if you need help with the school or district with getting to Championships.

Thanks to all the teams that attended. This year was a special year since it was the 15th year anniversary and the competition level was top notch and it was a blast!!

This past weekend has been incredible. Congratulation to **148, 118, ** and 2585.

I also want to thank our alliance partners 1477 and 3997 for a great set of eliminations.

Those finals matches were probably the best I’ve seen yet.

Thank you volunteers for making this event run so smoothly as well.

Congrats to 3847 on winning Chairman’s.

I can’t wait to see what happens at world’s.

LSR was a blast, and we couldn’t be any happier with all the compliments we received from a numerous amount of people about our team, and our robot. Thanks Spectrum 3847 for picking us to create an incredible 4th alliance. The three of us (3847, 4587, 2881) worked very well together and made for some incredible semi final rounds against the number one seed. We will always be back to this regional because of the way it is run and how well the event is organized. Good luck to all qualified teams, as Champs is coming up quick!

Throwing our two cents in the ring as well:

Thank you to team **3847 **the Crab Bots and Team 57 the Leopards for seeing our robot for what it was and not just our ranking score. We knew we were outgunned but played well and left our hearts on the field. Thanks to you 2582 has now been invited into elims 5 of the 7 years we have been playing this insane game called FRC.

To all the inspectors, referees, judges, and volunteers, thank you for a smooth well fought/played regional in a difficult game. We know that emotions can run high and you have a difficult job. Being a Fri-Sun regional we imagine you are all exhausted at work/school today (we know we are) but you held in there and hung on with all 55 teams that fully participated and we could not be more appreciative. Without you we would not have a regional.

Congrats to seeds 1 & 2. As usual finals were exciting and impressive matches to watch. If LSR is any indication we can only imagine what Championships is like. Someday we hope to see it in person.

Spectrum, you earned a well deserved Chairman’s Award this year. What you have done in your time and your willingness to share is what FIRST is all about. In a time when others may have lost their way you are a true exemplar of the founding mission of FIRST and we applaud you. You have our admiration and respect and we look forward to meeting with you guys sometime this summer.

Congratulations and thank you to all the teams who made it to LSR. We played hard, worked hard, and had a blast. Thank you for making LSR what it is; one of the best and respected regionals in the world.

And finally, thank you to Lucia and her counterparts who fought to get LSR 15 years ago. (Speaking personally now) I know what I put in being a team coach and what you do is AMAZING. Thank you for fighting to bring FIRST to Texas and thank you for sticking around long enough for me to discover and participate in FIRST.

148, 118, and 2585, Good Luck at Champs and bring home another Blue Banner for our state!! ’