Long Beach (Los Angeles) Rankings?

Does anyone have the Long Beach Rankings from today? FIRST page for it is down. This is very frustrating. Thanks in advance.

download frc spyder it updates every second and 696 is ranked number 4 atm!

The Blue Alliance has the match results, although the rankings are also not working since it scrapes those from FIRST’s website.

One could cobble an estimate together from those.

FRC Spyder is not updating since it pulls from FIRST’s site. We all updated so we have nothing. You must have a cached version.

try tracker 2013

Here’s what I was able to grab from Spyder. I’m not exactly sure when the last time I updated the event was.


EDIT: Looks like these aren’t as recent as I thought, as 2334 and some others finished the day having played 6 matches.