Long Island Regional - Scouting Thread

Anyone going to the Long Island Regional please list your team number, abilities, drive style, etc. Basically anything that the scouters would want to know.

Why not do your homework on the teams that have already posted their information or have competed…

Search around for the teams competiting.
[edit]Also… this belongs in the scouting forum.[/edit]

I’m doing that as well. It just makes it easier for me, and i’m sure many of the other teams to have the info online in one, easy to find place. I also am doing this for the same reason that teams send scouts out on the thursday of each event, because things change. Abilities change. Team 401 started as a stacker, there now a king of the hill bot. Other teams probably did similar things.

team 263, Sachem Aftershock

stack 7 high
knock down 5 stacks in auto mode w/ line tracking or dead reckoning
can pick up stacks and move around with them
standard 2 wheel sachem drive system
3 electronic speeds, and 5 swapable output sprockets for different speeds and torques
fit under the barrier
2nd configuration without the stacker

Team 810, The Mechanical Bulls


Go under Bar
Shift-on-the-fly transmission
8 FPS in high
2.5 FPS in low
Arm that can grab 4 stacks and bring OVER the bar, as well as ramp
We have a few more tricks up our sleeves, but that depends on how much we get done over the next few days (we’ll be working on a new project, as we come back from the Chesapeake Regional).

We plan on working from the start, but we did have some problems at Annapolis. We did however iron out all the problems that stopped us from working.