Long Island Regional Video by Hofstra Engineering

I am a freshman at Hofstra University and was clicking around on their site and came across this video. Hofstra Engineering went around and interviewed some people from various teams during the regional and asked them to describe their robot. If any of you or your team remember being interviewed by Hofstra Engineering then you are probalby in this video.

It can be found here on the Hofstra website

It can also be found here on YouTube

23 regionals, eh?

Nice find Tony, lots of schools got some interview time.
Even team 102 Gearheads from Summerville, New York (or Somerville, NJ as they like to call home).

That’s really cool. I didn’t even know they did that. Brian was interviewed from our team.:smiley:
Thanks for sharing the video.:slight_smile:

Looks like someone hasn’t updated their info since about 2003 or so…

Video is still loading for me.

I believe she said 36. I just watched the video, but I may be wrong.:confused:

She did, but on the website it says 23 regionals.

I see. I didn’t even pay attention to the website much. Most likely because I’m still catching up on work for school that I missed.:wink:
Thank you.:slight_smile: