Long Shot Question

So I spent four years on a robotics team, now a college senior I need an internship to graduate. I am a communications major who wants to work in STEM fields. I was wondering if anyone knew of a summer 2021 internship for a company either allowing remote workers or in the Spokane or Seattle areas.
I was inspired by doing outreach to bridge the gap between STEM and the public. While on my FRC team I found a love of doing the non-STEM activities and feel a vocation for that.
I realize that this may come to nothing but as my mom always told me, is it never hurt to ask.


Hi Emarella, my company is currently recruiting interns for next summer: https://careers.intuitive.com/us/en/search-results?keywords=intern&s=1

The locations are mostly in Sunnyvale and I think it’s currently uncertain whether or not they’ll be remote in 2021 (they were for summer 2020, for whatever that’s worth). So if you are dead-set on staying in Washington it might not be the right fit. But if your only concern with relocating is cost of living, when I was an intern they paid enough for me to live comfortably in an AirBnB for the summer and even come out a few 100 dollars ahead at the end of it. I even got a “relocation” stipend since I was coming from southern California.

Another requirement is that all interns must “still be in school” i.e. returning to college or a graduate program in the fall. So if you will not be a student in Fall 2021 then you would not be eligible.

Don’t know if these requirements fit what you’re looking for, but thought I’d share them so you can check it out for yourself. There are several roles that could be a match for bridging the gap between STEM and the public (brand development, clinical education, graphic design, interaction design…)

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Sadly I wont be returning to the fall but I need it to graduate (will walk before the internship) and thats the problem i have been running into. Thanks so much!

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