Longest blue banner drought?

166: 2 Chairmans wins, 2011 and 2016. Never won an event but we’ve gotten close. 24 year old team.


My team, 5678, hasn’t won anything ever (2015 rookie year) - but then again, we’ve never been picked for an alliance, so hard to win blue banners if you don’t have the chance lol. But we’ve gone to worlds twice!


1293: 15 years, zero hardware.

But this is the year, dang it.


In my teams 11 year history we have failed to pick up a single banner. Actually failed to reach the finals. We’ve only made a run to district championship once and never made it to world’s.

But, nevertheless our team always acts and speaks as if we will. It’s “when we make it to world’s” and “when we win a banner, this is where it will go”

This year will be the year, no doubt.


2910 had never won any blue banners or even made it to finals in our nine years as a team prior to 2018. Our success last year was a shock to say the least and we are very grateful. I hope to see more teams break their droughts this year!


This actually isn’t true.

One of the big arguments for being in districts is every team gets multiple plays at smaller events. Both of those increase the chances for a middle of the road team to win a blue banner. That’s why there were 86 different MI teams to win a blue banner in MI (~17%) which is a way higher percentage than the regional geographies around MI.

Oddly enough, the teams in MI that won a blue banner as a second pick had a significantly lower chance of advancing to champs than MI teams that did not win a blue banner at all (2 of 26 versus roughly 60 of 430).


This is the year we all end our drought


That’s rough - no official awards of any sort. I think we might have a winner for longest, driest drought.

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We almost have as bad of a win record, we were founded in 1997 and only won one tournament in 2001 and we got wild-carded into nationals in 2018.

Wanting to change that this year…

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We have officially gone two years without a blue banner. This year’s our year though. However, if my team lasts for 20 years I’ll be quite proud even if we don’t win anything.


Not quite on y’alls level but we’ve gotten 3 finalist awards for the past 2 years, 2 of which being at the same event. Here’s to hoping we both break our streak and 9/10 year banner drought this year or at the least keep up our World’s attendance streak (3 years hopefully going on 4).

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1102 went 15 years without winning an event.
2003 - 2018.
We made it out of the shadow realm, so can you.


Team 668’s been around since 2001, in that time we’ve won one regional and won Chairman’s once (both in 2009). But we won the Excellence in Engineering Award last year, which meant a lot to us, and seeded 11th at Silicon Valley (the best we’ve done since 2014). Looking at all the improvements we’ve made to our capabilities and processes over the last couple years, I think we’re on an upswing and I’m feeling good about this season :slight_smile:

No affiliation to either:
FRC94 has competed every year since 1998 (22yrs), and FRC468 has competed every year since 2000 (20yrs), and both teams are still working towards their first banner. Think that’s the longest in FiM.

As for my team, 1015/1076 won GLR in 2007, but took 3yrs off between then and now. So we are entering season 9 since our last banner.

Since only ~10% of teams win events each year.
Even if we took turns winning, on average it would take 10 years to win again.

If you consider our rookie year at 2006 (It’s really not…) then 13 years for 1792. Arguably we have 1714’s record but not according to TBA.

In 13 years, only 2 finalist positions and an Excellence in Engineering award: https://www.thebluealliance.com/team/1895/history

Also apparently a website award was a thing our rookie year.

I miss the website award…

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I miss our old web site.

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I, for one, do not miss our old website: http://web.archive.org/web/20080219173548/http://www.osbournrobotics.com/

(Compared to our new one, atleast: https://www.team1895.org/)