Longest Regional/District Win Streak

Hi All,

Everyone knows that 2056 has an unbelievable, unrivaled regional win streak. While I couldn’t imagine any other programs coming close to this, does anyone else have stats on other teams’ win streaks? What are the top currently-running win streaks?


A little niche, but for three straight district events, 2586 has been last pick by the #1 seed, and was winner for 2 / finalist for 1.

148 has never lost a Dallas Regional

six straight wins

1986 is on an ~8 regional win streak I believe.

Its too bad we lost an unfortunate Hawaii regional mishap with our alliance in 2013. Otherwise, we would have won 8 regionals in a row.
We now stand at making 14 straight regional finals appearances winning 12 of 14.
We have won in Northern Lights, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Arizona, Hawaii (4 times), Boilermaker, Utah, and New York City during the streak. Finalist in Hawaii and Las Vegas. Winners of 2 IRI events as well.
Our 2 best drivers since the streak started has made a huge impact. Our 2nd driver during the streak is currently a junior and started on the drive team while he was in 8th grade.

3467 has won three straight event starting at the pine tree regional last year then Durham and boston university this year.(HOPE I GOT THE EVENTS RIGHT )

You did

We have won 3 straight district events(not counting MAR champs) thanks to our great driver. Hopefully we can continue the streak next week and at worlds before he graduates.

From 2010 to 2012, 1676 won 5 straight regionals/districts: New Jersey Regional 2010, Virginia Regional 2010 (undefeated), New Jersey Regional 2011, Virginia Regional 2011, Rurgers University MAR District 2012. We went on to win the Bridgewater-Raritan MAR District last year in 2013 as well.

We (3990) have won the Montreal regional three years in a row, which is also how long we and the Montreal regional exist… It is also our third year participating in FIRST. :slight_smile:

2052 has won the both the Lake Superior Regional, and the 10,000 Lakes Regional the last 2 years in a row

Our regional win streak does indeed stand at 8. 9 of the last 10. If one were to include off-season events, our event win streak is at 12.

1640 has back-to-back MAR Champs wins in 2012/13 and a Philly Regional win in 2011.

Thanks for the nod. We are very proud of our 4 regional wins in a row but of course can’t hold a candle to 2056. We are witnessing history that will probably never be matched. Is there a good way to pull data from past events to compile a list of teams and their win streaks?


Enter a team, you get full award and win history.

2054 has a banner from the West Michigan district 4 of the last five years with the exception being 2011 when we were finalists.

I think that one of the coolest win streaks belongs to 177. Although it’s over now, from 2006 to 2011, they made Einstein every single year, and they won in both 2007 and 2010.

If making Einstein 6 years in a row isn’t an impressive streak, I don’t know what is (although 2056’s 18 regional and maybe soon to be 19 regional win streak is also very impressive).


Statistically impossible(?) as we grow.