Longest Win Streaks

Excluding worlds, what are the longest win streaks in FRC (consecutive district/dcmp/regional events)?

Are there any teams with a continuous district Erin streak if we also exclude district champs?

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Define streak?

254 in 2018 went 53-0 in official season matches, 3 regionals.

2056 is also notable for their regional wins, winning all their regionals from rookie year, up until waterloo 2016. 24 regionals.


Back in 2016 my team, 3506 YETI won 2 district events and dcmp, didn’t even make playoffs at worlds that year though due to being in 2016 Curie

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If Im not wrong, 1678 Citrus Circuits hasn’t lost a regional competition since 2014 which should put them at about 22 regional wins in a row. Close to beating 2056 OP Robotics


Blue banner streak, e.g. 2910. Shoulda made that clear.

176 won 61 straight matches from 2020 to NEDCMP of 2022. We were on their alliance during their first loss in three years lol.


I believe 254 hasn’t lost a regional since 2012 CVR (the famous match where they lost to 1717 and 330), for an ongoing streak of 19 events.


Since you decided to bring us up, we’re currently sitting at 14, with our last non worlds loss being 2018 DCMP. If you decide to exclude the DCMPs as suggested in the original post it actually drops to 13 because all it gains is our 2 2018 events at the cost of 3 DCMPs.


Continuing this, they technically had an defeated official match streak of 65, going from the last 3 matches of Festival of Champions in 2017, to a 1 point loss 9 matches in at the 2019 SF Regional.

I say technically because they had a tie for their 6th match of SFR, which would bring their streak to a measly 61 official matches undefeated.


If you throw division wins in there, 1678 is up to 29. Without division wins it’s 21 (last finalist was SVR 2014)

254 without division wins is at 19 (last finalist was CVR 2012)

2056 from their inception in 2007 got up to 23 in a row (ended Waterloo 2016)


3538 just broke their streak of FIM district event wins since Gaylord 2017 at Troy 2023