Longshot auto?

Anyone know of teams who have attempted or had some level of success in shooting balls in the high boiler from the hopper on the opposite side of the field? Long range shooting seems to be getting neglected, even though it will likely play an important role on Einstein…

Be aware that that would rend Yellow or even Red cards if repeted

G23. Shoot FUEL from your own LAUNCHPAD. A ROBOT may only LAUNCH FUEL while in their LAUNCHPAD (i.e. at least breaking the plane of the line with BUMPERS).

He’s referring to the hopper on the loading station side of your own Launchpad.

I believe he meant shoot from the hopper on the human player station side of the field (as nearly every team with a hopper dump and shoot auto shoots from the boiler side of the field), not the hopper on the opposing alliances side of the field.

As far as I know, 118 is the only team who has shown it is possible, and I think they’ve only done it in their reveal video.

And possible is a relative term here; in the video they were propped up on a gear and actually scored hardly any fuel. As such, I highly doubt shooting from the far hopper “will play an important role on Einstein,” as OP said.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh… don’t ruin the magic of the video

If you have 2 robots capable of hopper shooting in autonomus …

  1. Assuming each robot can sink 40 fuel (a few miss), that would be +40 for having both.
  2. Increased likelihood of shots interfering with each other, and may result in even fewer fuel making it.
  3. The counter would be hard pressed to count that many fuel (80) before the end of autonomous.

118 and 2481 both shot from the hopper during auto at hub city

Add 1114 to that list.

The counter can count as many as 14 balls per second. 60 rpm, 14 slots.

5 balls per second was a lie.