Look at how neat 691 wired


I envy teams who can make an incredibly neat electronics board. Ours is always just decent. Last year we made the robot into your run-of-the-mill black box. We even had to get a sticker that said something along the lines of “Yes, the main breaker IS in an accessible spot.” It got better this year. On a side note, I like the random solenoid breakout attached. :slight_smile:

yah our CRIO was on the robot but our side car was on the broad

I understand that. Our electronics “board” is really, including solenoids, 5 different boards. Mostly due to to the A-frame design of the robot this year, we decided to put the electronics inside of the A-frame. Worked out nicely too, once we figured out where to put everything.

Great looking wiring. You get my thumbs up for making it neat. One suggestion for next year, if you swap the location of the sidecars and the PD you shorten your wire runs to the back speed controllers. This simple move improves your operation by lowering the series resistance to the controllers. Another is there are flag terminals available from Digikey that mate with the crimp on females you are using to wire the controllers. Using those would eliminate two additional crimps per wire but accomplish the ability to change out controllers that you have with your design.

383, the Brazilian Machine, also had great wiring. I think it’s all in the Jaguars - Victors never come out as clean.

I disagree. With some work, Victors can be wired even cleaner than Jaguars while having a much smaller footprint.

Just in case anyone is curious, I was at the CT regional and took a few pictures while walking around. This album is aptly named “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the CT FIRST Regional”. You can see why for yourselves. :smiley: