this label is from the back of a band saw package that we bought.
according to this:

  • an 1/8’’ blade cuts countertops, PVC, plywood, lumber, and does crosscuts.
  • an 18 TPI blade cuts metal.
  • a 3/8’’ , 6 TPI blade cuts PVC, plywood, and big lumber
  • here’s the kicker: a 1/4’’ blade cuts PVC, lumber, plywood, and apparently…fast moving people.

thought it was weird. now I know which blade to use if I ever need to cut people.



Well that explains why one shouldn’t run in the shop :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone please enlighten us to what this means? Im assuming it if you want to cut materials really fast but why someone running.

An icon of a person running usually indicates speed or the act of being fast. It would only seem obvious that this icon means you would use that type of blade to make fast cuts. :wink:

  • If you had to design an icon to denote that a certain band saw blade cuts material really fast, what would you use? If you think about in that sense, a running person icon makes plenty of sense.

I am disappointed there is no suggested blade for slow-moving people…


Usually when you’re cutting people, wouldn’t they be somewhat still? :rolleyes:

Anyway, I’ve seen similar things before, but some times label makers need to elaborate a bit more on their product labels (or properly learn the language they’re using).

I notice the stick-figure fellow isn’t wearing safety glasses.

hmm. That would be an interesting gem for my technical writing class.