Look Back: Week 6

Fourty-one events and more than 3500 matches later, the regional season is over, and what a season it was. It all culminated in New York this past weekend in one of the more tightly contested affairs.
No single elimination alliance seemed overpowering, although the #1 alliance of 41, 555, and 1989 ended up taking a 6-0 route to the Championship. They were easily the most consistent alliance in the elimination rounds, and had the regional’s three highest scores (92, 94, 96). 41 and 555 kept performing and hurdling the whole time, and 1989 added enough defense and laps to put the matches comfortably away.
56 and 375 each had some brilliant matches, but couldn’t perform consistently. 375 had tons of trouble collecting balls, and it cost them and their alliances multiple times (including in the finals).
694 was one of the most consistent hurdling machines this weekend, but repeated penalties from them and their partners hurt them, and ended their run in the semi-finals. Stuypulse has some potential at the Championship, but will need to avoid the penalties (particularly outside the bumper zone contact) if they want to make the eliminations there.
2344 was one of the most impressive rookie machines this year. Their bot looks almost like a carbon-copy of 121, and while not on the same tier, performs well. They struggled in Connecticut (2-6), but emerged as a serious scoring factor in New York, consistently scoring between 2-4 hurdles.

Championship coverage to start soon…

sick… im ready for that:cool:

I love reading his predictions, they are always amusing to read

StuyPulse was pretty sick out there. And yea, too bad for penalties coming from their alliance partners and themselves as well. I think that that’s something huge to note down when scouting. Sort of like #of penalties per match/team.

So when are your predictions coming for Atlanta? I can’t wait to read it.:slight_smile:

Yeah but the penalties in our qualifiers that dropped us from #1 seed was actually our alliance partner pushing us backwards over a line

championship is looking grim
Galileo is supposed to be “stacked”