Look who is 21 today!!

Poor John! He is on the road interviewing on his 21st Birthday – away from his friends. :frowning:

He has had quite an impact on this community, so lets all make sure we give his spirits a lift today! (Kind of a virtual Birthday Party – make him feel at home)

So… it would be awesome if we all took a few minutes to send him an e-Hallmark - or even just a short email wishing him a Happy! You can find his email address on the 229 page here: http://www.team229.org/about/roster/2

Thanks! No one should be away from home on thier 21st!!!



we should all take time to stop thinking of our robots raise our wrenches up high for a salute to John

sing with me

For he is a jolly good fellow, for he is a jolly good fellow…

You know the rest

Aidan, I think John is going to kill you :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways…Happy Bday to John!

either that or his Email provider will…

Yea…Drinks all around.

Wu-hu now he can buy!!! Just not for minors nobody should do that and if you must drink and drive drink Pepsi! Anywho happy b-day John my best of wishes for you over your next 21 years and 21 robots! Tough luck being away on your birthday though

Happy Birthday John! Remember John…there is nothing fun about being 21…nothing…::snicker:: Have fun!

happy birthday john! i’ll give you a 6-pack of pepsi at nationals if you come up to our pit and ask for a belated bday present.

Congrats on making it this far, John! Have a great birthday! :slight_smile:

So John gets back in at 7pm… anyone else want to completely embarass him by posting pics of him??

**Post Any and All Pics of John in this thread!!! ** Try to link externally instead of attaching to the thread…

I’ll start…


Bash at the beach, 2002


John’s rampant awesomeness warrants a splash page.

Happy birthday to an awesome guy.

Happy Birthday John.

I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing that I recognize half the people in that picture.


Lol, sure thing… I’ve seen atleast a few (changed to thumbs… click for larger version, if you want):
http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075135935DSC00310.JPG](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/1080) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075135734DSC00255.JPG](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/959) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075135582DCP_0140.JPG](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/860) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075135452DCP_0126.JPG](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/777) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075135443DCP_0125.JPG](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/771) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075135288P0001875.JPG](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/654) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075135270DCP_0096a.JPG](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/642) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075134936DCP_0066.JPG](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/419) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075134890DCP_0060.JPG](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/387) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075134884P0001834.JPG](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/382) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075082237Clarkson.JPG](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/178) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075081987aug02052.jpg](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/150) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075080538EricandJohn.jpg](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/13) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075082311JVNLikesWings.jpg](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/183) http://www.team229.org/site/photo/thumbnail/1075082282Johniscoolerthaneric.JPG](http://www.team229.org/photo/single_all/182)

Oh no!

**JNoon2 (10:40:06 PM): thank you.
**Aidan (10:40:15 PM): :wink: Happy Birthday bud
JNoon2 (10:40:20 PM): thanks.
JNoon2 (10:40:22 PM): you’ll pay.
JNoon2 (10:40:24 PM): just so you know.

[Aidan shivers in boots… ]


So… Today…

The trip to Pittsburgh was interesting.
I basically spent 24 hours on the road, and it happened to coincide with my birthday. The interviews went very well, and it was a very positive experience. I got back to CU about 9PM EST and as we’re walking into the building, Chris Carnevale says “John… I want you to remember, I had NOTHING to do with this.”

So I walk upstairs, and Chris is snickering… following me to my room. He subtley suggests I should check chief delphi… and what do I find??

I knew there was doin’s a transpir’in… but I really didn’t expect this.

First off, someone on Team 20 happened to wander into CD today, and then showed my father (20’s head engineer), who got a TREMENDOUS kick out of this. So yeah… you’ve made my parents very happy (and highly amused).

Secondly, I think everyone got a huge kick out of this… so I’m glad I could be of some amusement to all of you. :wink:
(15-20 phonecalls between 11:30 and midnight?)
(30+ IMs/Emails when I got back?)

Thirdly, never inspire Aidan Browne to do ANYTHING. He’s easier to be friends with when he’s bored. :wink: Aidan buddy, I love ya man… but you WILL pay for this.

Ohh… and I can’t forget Amanda Morrison. I have something special in store for you. :smiley: Be Afraid.

So thank you all for making this day special. I really am ALWAYS very surprised by community outpourings like this, and I really do appreciate it. You guys rock!

Thanks Again,

PS - I’m just a poor college robot nerd… I’m definitely not buying. :wink:


Happy birthday! You are now officially one year closer to death. :stuck_out_tongue:

-dave (officially over the hill a very long time ago)