Lookin for a Junky competition...

Okay. Ignore the post. I just thought It would catch some attention :smiley: . Anyways, at the moment I happen to be watching a Junkyard Wars marathon on TLC and I was thinking to myself that It would be great to either have a competition like that in FIRST as well as get some of those guys on the show on some teams.

But the main reason for the post is because I remember there being a JW style FIRST invitational. From what I recalled, it was one day to build a robot out of parts, no or little machining, and it was to test the new control system. And was it hosted by Chief Delphi?

Anyone with answers, even ones that fix my quite potentially skewed telling of what really happened, would be greatly appreciated. And if that didnt happen, maybe some teams would be interested in getting together and doing something like that?

I think you are talking about the CDI.

The Chief Delphi Invitational is a minie FIRST competition where CD supplies all motors, controls, electronics, etc. and they give you 5 weeks to build a robot. It is an intense and fun competition because it isn’t as time consuming. But I know, spending all the time is half the fun.