Looking Back: Week 4

We’ve been Overdriving for four weeks now, and our crowd of serious contenders is starting to shape up. 115, 1114, 1717, and 1806 all won their second regional of the year, and 1024 became only the fourth team in FIRST history to win three in a single year. As the events between us and Championship start to dwindle, teams are lining up for final positioning going into the event.
Waterloo is the big story event of the weekend. All eyes were focused on 1114 as the Simbots added their second regional win, Chairman’s, and another WFFA (Ian MacKenzie) (along with Website and Industrial Design Awards). They joined MOE, Wildstang, Thunder Chickens, and Raiderroboix in the very eltie circle of “Triple Crown” winners at a single FIRST event.
Their performance on the field as the most impressive in FIRST. They’ve stumbled in qualifications, and even though its hard to pin their three losses directly on 1114, they’ll need strong qualification positioning to control their destiny at future events (particularly in Atlanta). Once selected by #1 seed and very strong performer, 2056, (and paired with fellow NiagaraFIRST team 1680) the lowest score the #1 alliance recorded was 104.
Granted that every 100 point match of the weekend in Canada featured either 1114 or 2056, their performance is still impressive. To put it in full perspective, here are some statistics about the Simbots scores this weekend:
Average Qualification score (min/max): 96.18 (10/168)
Median Qualification score: 98
Average Elimination score (min/max): 125 (104/142)
Median Elimination score: 129
Average (Qual and Elim) Score: 106.35
Median (Qual and Elim) Score: 106
Scary, huh?

The Kil-A-Bytes name will unquestionably be mentioned in almost every discussion of elite teams in Overdrive from here on out. I had my doubts, and even though I initially attempted to argue that they still exist after their win in Cleveland, I found that they were dismissed. 1024 flat out wins. They might not quite be on par with 1114, 217, or 16, but they’re fantastic. My only gripe is that we haven’t seen what they can really do on their own, but it’s highly unlikely that’s going to happen in Atlanta, and you can raise that same question with several other elite teams. They won three difficult events in convincing fashion. 1126 put up some strong scores as well, and shouldn’t be lost in the mix. SparX has an impressive scoring machine this year and will be a factor in Atlanta as well.
It was deja-vu for 1731 though. They found themselves on the #1 alliance of a bot who’s primary scoring method was herding. They carried their alliance to the finals, but ended up losing the last match on a penalty. While they may or may not have been able to beat the loaded 1629/191/2228 alliance either, Fresta Valley is one of the best teams not to record a regional victory this year. Even though 1731 won’t be attending Championship this year, it may serve as consolation that none of the three Championship finalists last year won a regional.

One of those finalists last year picked up a regional victory in West Michigan, Team Hammond. In a tough event that had several teams scoring ~3-4 hurdles/match, 71 came out as the top scoring bot (albeit not by much). 2171 was the top seed (any team that combines the Thunder Chickens and Beatty numbers should be pretty good), and unified with the BEAST to take home good. The strong #2 alliance of 141/33/302 would have offered even more of a challenge if two bots (33 and 302) didn’t both suffer broken welds. Several teams from this event should be playing Saturday afternoon at Championship. If 71 wants to return to Einstein though, they’ll almost certainly have to beef up their hybrid.

Beleive it or not, there was another alliance as impressive as the 1114/2056/1680 unification in Waterloo. When 330, 1717, and 980 teamed up in Los Angeles the lowest score they recorded was 102 in route to sweeping the eliminations and scoring gold. For comparisson, there wasn’t a single 100+ match in the LA qualifications. They highest anyone scored against this alliance was 58. This was a glorious alliance effort that led them to dominating the regional.
Some stats for comparisson against the Waterloo alliance:
Average Elimination Score (Min/Max): 115.67 (102/142)
Median Elimination Score: 110
330’s record in LA: 15 wins, 0 losses, 0 ties
1717’s record in LA: 13 wins, 2 losses, 0 ties
980’s record in LA: 10 wins, 5 losses, 0 ties

Sadly there isn’t enough time to fully break down every event, but each event had its own stories worthy of mention. 118 had a strong debut in Lone Star, but fell short of gold due to technical issues and a valiant effort by the winning alliance. Israel is still going on, but 1574 is 6-0 and #1 at the moment. A pair of hurdling machines teamed up to take Seattle. 115 notched another regional victory as the second-round pick in Davis. 1806 added another banner with the aid of of a rookie and second-year team in OKC, over an entirely rookie finalist alliance.
Week 4 was exciting, to say the least.

71 was one of the best hurdlers at west michigan. I heard from one of our mentors that they changed their pick up, by adding rollers to the ends of their arms. That helped them a lot. They would get by a ball and start the wheels turning, then they lowered their arms and picked the ball up like it was nothing. I do agree that with an improved hybrid they would move in as one of the top bots in overdrive. But if you were watching the finals on saturday, the I think they weren’t using their full hybrid.:wink: They will at least be playing on Eisenstein this year.

I found that 71’s case wasn’t unique, there were many solid robots without an Autonomous. I find that with many teams though Autonomous is put on the “if we have time” list. After
seeing 1114’s auto win them another regional, I have decided that anyone who wants to be competitive from this point forward (especially at the championship) will need a good Autonomous. There are very few alliances that can make up 40 points in a match.

One correction:

217 took home the triple crown at Detroit in 2006 …

Looking Forward: any opinion on the “Ultimate Alliance” thread?

I must say congrats again to 2056, 1114, and 1680. We tired to stop you guys, but you were pretty much a freight train with no brakes lol. nothing would beat you in waterloo.

1565 hopes to have a faster arm for GTR and we may become more of a threat, and we will have scouts this time around to (Our team has never had to pick teams before, it was a shock to our system lol :yikes: )

Hope everyone is ready for Week 5, especially those coming to GTR, Expect a much improved 1565 (hopefully our auto will be more reliable this time around too)

See you all in Week 5!!

I agree that a hybrid mode would help team 71 but in hybrid they flip up their ball knocker and drive forward so when teleoperated mode starts they knock the ball off and catch it ready to fire.

well… they could get two lines and do the same thing and get the second ball… just a thought:cool:

btw… when are the predictions for this week coming out? im always interested in reading those

Give the man some time Chris:rolleyes: He will get to us tomorrow or Wednesday.

o but its soooo much fun and i dont want to wait:D just kidding, ill show some self control

Are we not getting a week five prediction?!!

Hmm perhaps Looking Forward’s team is competing this week and he/she/it is too busy to respond…??? Oh noes! :yikes:

Week five is just too much sweet robotics action for Looking Forward to handle. :smiley:

Just wait, it usually doesn’t come out until later tonight.

Looking Forwards predictions have never been posted before 8pm eastern on wednesday.

Darn it! I don’t wanna wait for another four hours.

we are down to 2 and a half now:D

Still too far off.

Definitely. I need to leave to go to Philly in an hour! (Oh, boy, 7;45 unpack time is great.) I won’t know till it’s already comp. time!

Atlanta. I’ve never been filled with such anticipation. I’m ready to see what all the other teams can do. When the nationals roll around, I’ll be there, I’ll be watching, and I’ll be cheering louder than ever.