Looking Falcon 500 s to buy

Hello there!

I’m the mechanics captain of Team 9024 Callister. We are looking for Falcon motors to buy. We want to use them on our next robot. However, our team is located in Turkey. We will cover the shipment expenses and we are ready to pay for Falcon 500s.

Here is my email adresses:

[email protected]

We can also communicate via whatsapp. I will send my number with a mail to you if you’re interested

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I don’t have any falcons to sell you, but I’m responding to make sure you have reasonable expectations.

U.S. teams have also had extremely limited access to falcons. Demand (which is high) has vastly outstripped supply, which for all but a few minutes this entire year has been zero. There is plenty of discussion in this thread.

You haven’t said how many falcons you wish to purchase, or how much you are willing to pay for them. I expect that you will only be able to buy a few off of any given team, and that you may need to pay at or above MSRP to convince most teams to part with their motors.

Does your team have a date by which they expect to have a certain number of falcons, and a contingency plan if you do not have that many by then? (Especially if you’ve already spent a decent sum of money to acquire a few falcons by then, but not as many as you wanted.)

I’m going to suggest NEO Brushless Motor V1.1 - REV Robotics with SPARK MAX Motor Controller - REV Robotics at this point.

Partly because of the noted supply/demand issues with Falcons, partly because of certain ethical issues with VEX in general.

(My team has no Falcons. One of our neighboring teams has posted before asking for them, I’m not sure they ever got any.)


We just want them. We are willling to pay the price that the team says and buy the amount of motors that they want to sell. I need them before at the begining of the november.

Can you explain what’s special about Falcons to you/your team that leads to you “just wanting them”? NEOs and Spark Maxes have much more reliable stock. NEOs’ and Falcons’ performance are not that different in the grand scheme of things.

As @AVHon said, Falcons have only been available in the US for an amount of time that is measured in minutes, not even hours, this last season. Additionally, their price is a lot higher than a NEO + Spark Max.


To be blunt… it’s very very unlikely you will be able to get them, at all.

I would highly, highly, recommend reevaluating what requirements you have for the motors you want to use, and find a motor that is possible to obtain.


I think Falcons have been in stock for less than 30 minutes for since VEX released them in late 2019, total.
Certainly less than 15 minutes since competition started back up after the pandemic.




To be fair, all the Falcons sold in years past do exist somewhere. Usually they can be found in teams’ old robots.
Many teams don’t like to fully part out robots from years past for demoing or nostalgic purposes, but every old robot has a price…

I’m not about to offer up our old Falcons due to our intent to re-use them in future robots, AND I wouldn’t feel right charging a team well over MSRP to acquire them, but if I start seeing teams interested in paying, say, $500 per falcon, there’s a threshold at which the additional sales income will help my team more than keeping the falcons would

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500$ :melting_face: I don’t think you can sell them at this price


About 14.500 Turkish Lira for each (11.402 TL is the price of minimum wage in Turkey and half the country earns minimum wage ) That will be hard for any Turkish team. :thinking:


We have about 40 people in our team before the season, if everyone worked for 11.000tl we could buy a lot of falcons :thinking:

I don’t think anyone can buy a lot of falcons at this time


I believe that we can pay around 250(maybe much more) for falcons if they’re healthy

In our regionals, we need to compete with falcons speed and power during the season. Because only the old and prestigious teams have them, we think they’ll create a difference in season. I built a custom 8 normal sized cim motored gearbox but the were able to push us with falcon l1 swerve modules. I never considered that First will limit the motors for drive train. Also, they create a huge difference in shooter systems. We want to experience its power and enlarge our minds for it.

I promise you that NEOs will be just as effective for your application. I’ve watched NEO driven drivetrain and shooters perform at totally acceptable levels at many events. We just dropped several thousand dollars stocking up on motors and controllers, and never considered Falcons, even for a minute.


I’m avare of the NEO’s potential. I competing for 3 years now and always admired NEOs. They can work very well in nearly every system but as I said, we want to experience the power and enlarge our minds with Falcons. Also I really want know why you guys didn’t considered to buy Falcon if it is not special? Thank for the advices though.

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Because I can buy NEOs and SPAX MAXs easily, at an affordable price, from a reputable vendor, that offers a warranty, and know that they’ll work, and if I have problems, I can easily replace them. If I buy second hand Falcons, I don’t have any of those things. There’s no reason to buy them, other than chasing marginal performance benefits that, honestly, we aren’t good enough to need.


I encourage you to try new things but i would caution against falcons, due to their availability issue’s (when one dies you may not be able to get a replacement), quality control and ethical issues. The benefit doesn’t really exist either since you can do everything falcons can do with neo’s except fused cancoders, instead you can use a rev through bore and get the same result (if not better + easier). You also can’t use the CANIvore with SparkMAX’s yet (idk if this update will require a hardware upgrade but it’s possible).

As for programmatic differences, the new Pheonix Pro API is pretty nice however wasnt free when i made this, here are 2 wrappers for swerve motors corresponding to Falcons (TalonFX) and Neo’s (SparkMAX’s).

I know we joke about Falcons being “the only motor you’ll ever need” and how dumb of a marketing strategy that was, but I’ll give them credit, it is rare to see an FRC product with such inelastic demand for some teams.