Looking for 12T 32DP RS775 Motor Pinion (WCP-0002)

Does anyone have 2 spare 12T 32DP 775 pro motor pinions? We are looking for them for an offseason project, but WCP is out of stock. We are located in Atlanta, Georgia and would pay for the pinions and shipping of course.

Thanks in advance!

With so many awesome WCP products, it’s been really hard for me and my team to design around not using so many on backorder/out of stock products we’d like to experiment with. Many of those statuses have been constant since champs, and some even since build season. WCP does a great job of stocking up before season, but its upsetting to see their lost business in the summer/fall, and people looking to experiment with WCP products having to ask chief for used pinions or stuff other teams have lying around. I’d love to start using more of their stuff like specifically pocketed gears, sensors, or 775pro pinions, but will be very hesitant to do so cause we can’t quite test with them in the fall.

I apologize for using your thread to voice a concern, and hope you find some pinions and have success with your project!


Thanks for the info, we are working on getting parts back into stock. Some of these items have quite a long lead time and we update products when possible (such as now, the gt pulleys and 32dp are getting some minor updates).


I’m happy to hear it! I totally know the misery of getting stuff from an external supplier at my job, and its great to hear WCP is working hard on getting all of your dope products (and some more rumored products circling around for next season) stocked up! I will totally keep my eyes peeled for some good stuff we can use on our demobot project that I had initially written off as stuff we would be lucky to get by season.

Keep doing all the awesome stuff WCP is doing!!