Looking for 2 LUNACY wheels

Our FTC team is looking for two 6" wheels that where used during the 2009 Lunacy game. They are the special wheels that had a hard plastic tread instead of the soft rubber tread of the AM-0144 wheels. We need these asap as we just qualified for state in two weeks and need to improve our robot drive train.



Have you tried Fruitport or NC Gears direct? They are the only local teams that were around back then. Otherwise you might have luck with the group of teams from the Holland/Zeeland area.

Yes, already sent out e-mails to NC gears and Fruitport - waiting to hear back. I’d be OK paying shipping too from anywhere in US.

We are currently using four rubber treaded 6" wheels. During autonomous turns we noticed that our robot behaves differently on various fields based on the amount of friction of the rubber tiled flooring. We are hoping that by changing the front wheels to less grippier ones we can get more consistent turns. we DO NOT want to go to omni wheels in front. I hope that clarifies our intent.

Would it be too late to get the wheels Friday evening at States?

Reminds me of an event last year here in Georgia …

We had one venue that had:

  • FRC carpet,
  • on top of Venue AstroTurf,
  • on top of squishy boards,
  • on top of an ice rink.

Robots were sinking into the floor so much they couldn’t turn.

See attached for one teams solution …

Yes that would be a bit late because we will have to adjust our auton code. I’d be happy to pay for shipping.

Mike, I know that we have a few laying around. Please send me a pm. Thanks.