Looking for 2017 Java/C++/Labview FRC Beta team to present at seminar in Philadelphia

I am running our annual FIST Boot Camp seminar on Dec. 11, 2016 at the Comcast Center in Philadelphia. I am looking for someone to host a session on this year’s beta code. Any takers? Java/C++/Labview

Please contact [email protected].

This is well attended. We had 260 folks last year.

@Frank - 2607 is a Java beta team this year, so we can cover it if needed (especially since we’ll already be at the event) :slight_smile:

All - allow me to give a quick plug for what a great job team #272 does with this annual event…most in the Philly area have already heard or been to it in previous years, but if you haven’t and are in the area it’s an AWESOME opportunity to get new students familiar with controls and also connect with a bunch of other teams. A great time and always a fantastic day!

  • Ron