Looking for 24v Lion-Lipo Batteries for University Rover Challenge

Hello! I am reaching out to the community on behalf of ITU Rover Team which competes on University Rover Challenge will be held at UT,Hanksvill May 31 - June 3, 2023. We just shipped our rover to Utah, but we could not ship any batteries with it. It is a lot harder to ship lion batteries when shipping internationally. So we don’t have any batteries with us in the competition and we are having trouble purchasing lion or lipo batteries. We couldn’t find any local places that we can buy batteries. (Since our competition is soon we need the batteries as soon as possible so if we can pickup batteries from you it would be great for us.) We are looking for 24v 16-18Ah Li-po or Li-on batteries.

If any team or team member looking to sell or even donate Li-po or Li-on batteries in Utah or any nearby states that we can pick up please contact with me via PM or reply. We would be very grateful if a team or team member can provide us some batteries to use during the competition. We promise to take good care of them and return them promptly!


I would reach out to Maxxamps tomorrow morning. They have been great at getting us the last min batteries we needed for Battlebots, I am sure they can get something made and sent to you within a day or so.


Dakota Lithium makes some nice LiFePo4 Batteries. I’m not sure how fast, fast shipping is because we’ve never tried overnight. They definitely are an option though. We use them for our stuff at work and it’s definitely within days just standard shipping. They are out of North Dakota so at least kind of in the right half of the country compared to us in the Midwest. We also only have 12v you could put in series. They do make 12v 18ah which is what we use. Again I’d try to order from them and get the proper charger as well for like $30.

We run 6S (24V) LiPo batteries in drone racing, and just about every racer should have plenty of batteries they could sell to you or give you a local shop to purchase.

I assume you are flying into Salt Lake City? The MultiGP chapter there is based out of the Provo area (UDRA — Utah drone racing association). If you need a point of contact I can probably find one for you.

Quick edit — most FPV drone batteries are 1.3 Ah, so you would need to package these in parallel to get the Ah rating you want