Looking for 3 stage continuous elevator parts/kit

Hi, we are a second year team looking at building a three stage continuous elevator out of the aluminum tubing provided this year. We were wondering if there was a good kit somewhere that has parts for this or if this could be done a lot easier if we bought some 1 inch extrusion and if that has a kit. This is for driving our hook up for the climb but the hook will detach so the elevator doesn’t need to pull up the robot.

Thanks in advance.

Since it doesn’t really have to bear any load, you could have some constant force springs (like the ones in tape measures but smaller) on both of the moving stages trying to lift the box up and a small lightweight motor at the base with a pulley and rope attached to the last stage. If you spin the pulley one direction, the rope would loosen and the springs would lift the hook. When you reverse the motor, the lift would go down. Obviously that would involve some custom parts, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard with some sheet metal, some bearings, and some bolts. I’ll MS Paint you a drawing if I suck at explaining things as much as my team mates say I do :slight_smile:

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A paint drawing would be great! I think you did a good job explaining but a drawing could help us see how many parts we need.

Hope this helps, I spent way too much time on it. Hopefully I cought all the misaligned pixels. On the left, the lift is completely collapsed while on the right it is completely extended. The orange and yellow are constant force springs which would pull the lift upwards, while the rope (red) holds it down. The purpley circle would be your pulley and motor. If you do your math right and get the right constant force springs, you could probably get away with a reallly small reduction on the motor. Let me know if you need anything else. If you actually go with this design, I would love to see photos of the final product :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!

Welcome. Good luck with this!

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