Looking for a belt, Can you help????

Looking for a Gates PowerGrip HTD1030 5M 15. Cannot find one anywhere. Do you have something close???

HELP, Week 5 is OVER…


Jon Ryan
Mentor Team 145

Did you try looking for GT2 or GT3 belts of the same pitch and width? You can run those belts on HTD pulleys, the performance should actually be a little better. We source most of our belts from Royal Supply or SDP-SI. If that is a Gates stock length, Royal should have it.

A few minutes on Google found me this: http://www.amazon.com/10505M15-Ametric®-Rubber-Timing-Height/dp/B00HBW2ZTY and this: https://www.americanmademro.com/shop/pc/Gates-1050-5M-25-PowerGrip-HTD-Synchronous-Timing-Belt-92930581-328p7641.htm

The Amazon link says Expedited shipping gets there Feb 10-13.

I can also second the suggestion of using GT2 or GT3 belts on HTD pulleys if you have to. We did that in 2012-2013.