Looking for a CAD program that will run on an older comp

I have an older AMD K6 that I want to use for CAD stuff and i need a program that will do it, will older versions on inventor work? and can i get like 30 day trials downloaded somewhere?

My high school uses Cadkey ver. 21 for all of its engineering drafting courses. It runs perfectly fine on the Pentium 3, 700 MHz, 256 Mb RAM computers they have. Cadkey is like AutoCAD, and is set up to do drafting, not assembly-related things like Inventor. You can get a free evaluation copy from their website.

I’m not sure what the specs of your system are or what the requirements are but there’s the free Alibre Design Express. A few couple: google ads, 25 part maximum in assemblies. I’ve heard it kind of sucks in some ways, but it is probably the best thing you’ll find for free (3d parametric solif modeler). If you want to spend a little bit, SolidWorks student/educator edition is only about $70 for a two year license which is an incredible deal. SW will run on less of a computer than Inventor.

Sorry about specs here are the full:
and i tested i can run 3DS Max on this computer it is just slow at rendering so that may give some clue as to actual performance

AMDk6 400 Mhz cpu
S3 ViRGE video card
512 MB system RAM
10 Gig HD for install(7 gigs remaining)