Looking for a contact for high school with a fabrication class/production company (from an old thread)

A year or two ago I read a thread where one mentor mentioned that their high school had a fabrication class (my term). Local companies would order custom parts from the high school and the fabrication class would make the parts. Most of the students in the class were on the FRC team, so it served as training for FRC, plus funding for the FRC team.

I’d like to talk to a mentor about this program and how it works. I just know that trying to search “high school” “shop” and “fabrication” on CD will basically return almost every thread CD. :rofl: So I thought I would just ask to find the person/program.


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I know @snoman has this setup… can’t remember if he had the thread about it though. Either way he would be a great resource!



Feel free to pm me and we can have a chat. A few of our products.

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I thought I remember seeing that the Hawaiian Kids (359) also do this.


This was my thought as well.



359=Spam slicers! And more…

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what you’re describing sounds like what we do. Its part of our Engineering Entreprenuership Pathway program, primarily as an alternative set of learning opportunities outside of FRC.

All of our proceeds go to support our STEM Learning Center and FRC program.



Check out the OCTEC AME class on Facebook. They have been making and selling fire pits on their CNC Plasma cutter.

We do a similar thing if the shop is busy. Run some laser parts after hours, companies donate directly to the team. It’s an awesome gig, but like with real job shopping, the hard part is getting the work.

side note @waialua359 those foils you guys make look awesome! When can I get my hands on a 359 board.


We just make the foils for a local vendor on the North shore near our school, who is selling it like hotcakes now.
They used to shape it by hand and it either took too long or it was uneven in certain parts. I didnt realize that those that surf can tell the difference from just a 1 cm difference in the lip.
Good to have a CNC machine that does all the work.


I am not your mom, but this is something to be aware of. At least in the US. Under 18 are allowed to use machines in an educational setting. Using pretty much anything with a plug on it in a shop is considered “hazardous” and you cannot employ <18 to do so. Between the 2 there might be some gray, but it is something to be aware of. Using “free” labor to create something for profit has its own set of problems. I like the concept of the thread, and I am not saying don’t do it. But this is something to consider and decide for yourself where your particular situation falls.