Looking for a curriculum writer

A friend is working with a client to develop a STEAM curriculum based on their proprietary robot. :slight_smile: and is looking for a curriculum writer.

The curriculum is:

  • targeted mainly at jr. and sr. high students up to around 16 years old
  • for a 7 week class that meets twice a week for 1.5 hours
  • must be collaborative based and hands-on (minimal lecturing)
  • is broad in scope (not simply robotics)
  • must be connected to NGL and perhaps Common Core

Ideally, the timeframe is 6 weeks for the full process with some pauses for the feedback from the client. Super bonus points for being in Los Angeles.

If you are interested, please contact Maria Redin [email protected].

Thank you for posting. I am located in the Los Angeles area and I have extensive experience in these types of things. Is there compensation provided for this work?

I am just passing on info- you need to contact Maria directly for that info- [email protected]