Looking for a Digital Camera

I am looking for a digital camera that I can use when I go to the UCF Regional. What are your takes on digital cameras, what would you recommend?

I am currently looking into the 2.1 MP Sony DSC-P51, which costs around $200-$250. I have been looking at possibly the next model up, which is 3 MP. Where should I look to buy one? On the internet, Best Buy, eBay, camera store? It only has 16mb of memory, so I will need a 64 or 128 stick, any good bundles or deals?

Anything is a step up from my Kodak DC50, which is probably a 1/10 of a MP (no joke). I plan on taking a few hundred pictures, probably closer to 1000. :smiley: Hopefully someone will have their laptop I can unload them onto… otherwise it is the memory’s capacity.

If you want extremely detailed reviews on almost every model from a ton of manufactures check out http://www.dpreview.com

They have everything from discontinued cameras to new ones, and there reviews are by far the most extensive ones i’ve seen around.

Edit: Look under “Cameras” and not “Reviews”

I would pass on a Sony digital camera. If I recall correctly, they use Sony’s Memory Stick that no other brands ever touched. It seems that using something that has more of an ‘industry standard’ would be better. I would recommend one that can write to either SD cards, Flash cards, or SmartMedia. SD and Flash are pretty nice…incredibly small (and have been dropping in price so I think they’re now under $1/mb…but I haven’t looked at them in a while). I REALLY like Nikon digital cameras. They take beautiful pictures. My dad’s camera is a somewhat-outdated Nikon Coolpix 880…but the shots are awesome. My camera is a cheap Olympus…1.3 MP, I think. For the price ($200 when I got it, about a year ago…bundled with other stuff…), it’s a great camera. Higher-priced Olympuses are excellent. In the world of digital cameras, you get what you pay for. I would recommend model numbers, but I haven’t looked into digital cameras in quite a while. I know that Nikon is still excellent quality…and so is Olympus. In BestBuy, you may be able to test out the cameras…see for yourself how good the image quality is. Another thing to look for is how fast the images can be taken…some cameras write REALLY slowly to the card…which makes taking a bunch of consecutive images really hard (especially if you don’t have a fixed lense…then you have to wait for it to write, then wait for it to focus, then you can take a picture).

(If you’re willing to go the way of the MemoryStick, Sony cameras are great…but just pray that Sony doesn’t kill off the MemoryStick…or you may be MemoryStuck chuckle)

Also, for e-tailers, a good place to find the cheapest price is www.mysimon.com. They normally show you good deals from (semi-)reliable stores — some are brick&mortar chains, others are run out of some guys basement… Another place to look is in the Yahoo stores…some of those places have great deals and bundles…we got both our cameras off a random Yahoo store. My dad’s was just the camera…but mine came with a decent case, rechargable batteries and a charger, 16mb flash card, and…the camera…

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**http://www.dpreview.com **

Thats a good site. I used it when researching my camera.

I love my Nikon Coolpix 995 (which I believe has been discontinued, due to the release of newer models).
Lots of features & great quality. I have a few pictures here.

*Originally posted by Brandon Martus *
**Thats a good site. I used it when researching my camera.

I love my Nikon Coolpix 995 (which I believe has been discontinued, due to the release of newer models).
Lots of features & great quality. I have a few pictures here. **

I’m a regular on dpreview’s Olympus forum. It is a good site, and most of the people on all of the forums are very helpful.

I have the Olympus C-2100uz (the Uzi). It’s 2.1 megapixels with a 10X optical zoom with image stabilization, and I absolutely love it (and so does Eric, we’re a two Uzi household). Sadly, Olympus has stopped making them and they are getting harder and harder to find, but the are still out there.


It’s all about the zoommmmmm!

I’m still looking for a camera that has a hard drive in it like the iPod. Now that’ll be a nice camera.

I have a Canon Powershot S110, and I love it.

DP Review’s… uh… review.

It’s compact, takes great pictures, and has some nice features. Compact Flash memory is fairly inexpensive (128MB for $40, if I recall correctly), so you don’t have to worry about proprietary memory formats, as there’re many manufacturers, and CF readers (PCMCIA and USB) are rather cheap.

/me shrugs. Just another data point.

Thanks for your input guys, I have been using DPReview.com for the past few days trying to make my decision. I’m going to wait until next Sunday to make my choice though, to see what is out, and prices and such. Even with all the persuasion in this thread, and else where, I am still going to go with the Sony DSC-P51 right now.

I have added up all the prices on Amazon.com, and it is very good in price:

Camera: $250
128 Memory Stick: $40 ($20 Rebate)
Carrying Bag: $10

Plus I have an Amazon.com $50 dollar gift card, so it is like getting the other stuff for Free. :smiley: I should also have 2 64mb Memory Sticks to use… and I have extra NiMH AA batteries… I’ll be all set!

Lets hope the price drops, or a better deal appears. They just discontinued the model last week, and are releasing the newer ones… after the Regional… so I may see if I can return it and get the new version. :wink: