Looking for a FIRST related game to play with kids

Our FIRST LEGO team i mentor just go back from our first ever event, and we exceeded our own expectations, we took a vote and our next meeting is going to be spent playing a robotics related game, the only problem is i do not know any game to play, therefore i come to you, it cant involve a lot of running around, or cant evolve any robots. Thank you for any suggestions. the age group is 5-8 grade

Do you mean something like a board game, e.g., Out of Gears https://elfinwerks.com/our-games
or an activity that involves acting the part of robots, e.g.,
http://fun-a-day.com/robot-activities-kids-will-love/ ?

Maybe reenacting the comet 67P chase and landing?
Inventing a game that FLL robots could play and acting it out?

“The Program Says”

Think Simon says, but with program statements.

If you are just getting back from Lego, have the kids re-inact their program as best they can as a person.

Once the students have mastered easy commands, you can add in counts and if statements and…

Play program the robot.
A coach or mentor is a robot and the kids have to try and get you to accomplish a simple task.
Take everything very literally (ex. When they say turn left, start spinning to the left until they tell you to stop )
It seems to work to help our kids understand whey the robot doesn’t do what they want it to do