Looking for a GA team to mentor

Hey! I am a college student looking for a team in the PCH district to mentor in the spring. I’m a 3rd year Industrial Designer at Georgia Tech and an alum of team 4468 Fernbank LINKS. I can help out with just about anything besides programming.

Drop a reply or send a DM!


Definitely be sure to sign up through the FIRST website and check out the FIRST Mentor Network (not sure if that direct link will work)

@tynanpurdy Check out 8736 on TBA and our website. Send me a DM if you want to chat. We have one other GT mentor as well (and I used to work at GT).

Wait a sec… @tynanpurdy, didn’t you do an internship with GTRI? Don’t @VanJoel and I know you that way? Shoot me a DM and I’ll tell you about 8736.

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