Looking for a good FIRST robotics promo video

Hi all, school’s just around the corner and I’m looking for a promotional video (about 2-3 min in length) to show students at the Welcome Back Assembly. Basically, something to get more students involved in FIRST robotics. Any ideas?

Here are some nice videos http://usfirst.org/community/resourcecenter.aspx?id=652. I suggest 2009 LUNACY Opening Video.

I recently used the Promo Video and Student Voices videos on the same page but it was at a busy show/demo and I didn’t even bother with sound. They did catch eyes.

Trying to Help

I would suggest one of the videos on the FIRST site from 2004, that actually has a little robotics in it. Last year’s game animation couldn’t hurt too.

See if you can also market in physics classes and stuff too in order to buy more time :slight_smile:

Youtube does not have the best quality but FIRST World tube channel page has some great clips.

Try some of the 1-minute President’s Circle responses:

The FIRST promo video is pretty great, except it’s about 7 minutes long. And I like the Jim Lehrer story too.

The only other suggestion I have for you is try and find some good videos here on ChiefDelphi.
Here’s a great one that was posted this summer:

I think a good promo is the PBS documentary teaser video on youtube, and it can also help promote folks to view the documentary at their local channel PBS.

I found this video recently, thought it was a nice mix of several different promotionals, and it’s a little under 5 minutes long…


Yes, I did that video and was going to suggest it. If you would like a download I can post it for you.