Looking for a good presentation mouse

I’m a touchpad nut.

However, looking at me present off my iBook in class made me realize that ability to get away from the laptop would be a very handy thing to have. Hence, I’m in the market for a mouse I can use for presentations.

Mouse may actually be more than I really need; since I’ll only be advancing slides, it only has to be a button-thing-a-ma-jig-that-makes-the-computer-think-a-mouse-clicked. But if a mouse is cheaper or more effective, so be it.

I’d prefer to keep the cost down, and (although it should go without saying) compatability with OS X is a must.

Any suggestions?

no idea if this is OS x compatible but when i used one of these i thought it was sweet

My cardiology teacher has a remote that he uses with his laptop during lectures and it works well. It has a laser pointer built in too, which is a great plus when going over EKG strips. I’ll ask him about it tomorrow night in class.


Not sure if I got what you are asking, but are you looking specifically looking for a infrared presentation remote or a travel mouse?

Anyway, this is the optical mini mouse I have had almost a year now, barely big enough for two fingers, yet has two buttons and one click scroll wheel.

Several of my Profs use wireless remote control things. At one point one of the local computer stores around here stocked some remote control (with laser pointer) things; but, compared to a standard USB wireless mouse they were pretty expensive. It also appears they don’t still stock them (otherwise I could give you a ball park price).

I’ve used this one for a while and have had no major problems with it. It comes with a laser pointer and has a decent range.
Keyspan PR-US2 Presentation Remote