Looking for a internship or job related to math and science NJ.


I am the entrepreneurship captain of FRC#1923. I am looking for jobs related to math, science, and business. Please notify me if any are available around the central jersey area. Really looking forward to learning and making a bit of money!

-Krishna Yarabarla

Hey Kyarabarla,

Finding internships and jobs is usually pretty hard. Whats important is that you actively search for opportunities and network. Almost no one has someone walk up to them and offer them a job out of the blue. Do you even know what jobs are related to math, science, and business? I would suggest starting with a site like www.indeed.com and craigslist, researching what is available in the area and making sure you have a really nice looking resume.

More useful would be doing some networking and finding our who you know locally, what businesses they are connected to and seeing if they can help you find something. I would also suggest getting on a professional networking site like www.linkedin.com where you can keep track of the people you know in the professional world. Attending local business events (if they will let you in) and actively advertising yourself.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Elizabeth Barndollar

If you are willing to take the initiative, there are some cool internships out there. Many have a stipend.
Check out NASA-Goddard. http://education.gsfc.nasa.gov/Opps/

I am sure that he would have been very grateful for those helpful posts which gave him some solid advice!! It is not so easy to get an internship in these tough times and the best way to job hunt is to check out in the net and his local area from where he can then branch out!!

Are you looking for anything a little more specific? Those are very broad areas to be looking in to. While it is good to be flexible, I think that you need a little more career direction before aimlessly searching for something in math, science and business.