Looking for a medium-sized differential

I’m looking for a differential (like in the rear end of a car) that can handle around 20 Horsepower, and I’m coming up a little short on finding something. I’m open to various input and output options. Something like this could work if it were just a little bigger and a little more beefy. Any ideas, links, or sources?

ATV front differentials. 2004 Honda Foreman FM420 (I think was the model) had a differential which separated from the ring gear and was a hondatrac AKA SureTrac style (Cam and pawl) limited slip diff. Size of a can of tuna. Beautiful little piece of hardware. Used it on a Baja SAE car in a chain-driven housing with great success. Placed 16th/120 in suspension and traction, 4th/120 in tractor pull.

This is just the sort of tip I’m looking for. Do you have any links or additional information on your Baja SAE project? I’m looking to build something similar.

It was quite a while ago. Here are some photos of version 2.0 of that vehicle. Don’t have many photos (these are off an old cell phone) but hopefully it gives you some ideas for the diff.






I think I still have all the project files stored somewhere. If you need more info, PM me and I’ll see if I can find them.

That’s an awesome little vehicle! I like it! What torque converter is that?

The torque converter is a Power Bloc system made by CVTech. The company sponsors the Baja SAE competition with a discounted rate to teams and sets them up with a very nice tunable system set up specifically to run with small industrial engines like the 10hp Briggs & Stratton engine used in Baja SAE. They can be purchased commercially though for about $400 CDN I believe. You can also use one of the Comet Systems or a CVT off an ATV. Many teams used to use Polaris systems.