Looking for a mounting bracket with 4mm holes

I usually pretty good at sourcing things, but this one has eluded me. I’m looking for a flat mounting bracket with holes to fit M4 screws. Something like this would be ideal, but even just a flat plate with two holes maybe 14 or so mm apart would be fine, even if it does not have any slots. More than 2 holes is acceptable but not strictly necessary. This particular one I linked is for smaller screws, so it won’t work for my application. Aluminum is preferred, steel is acceptable. Price under $0.50 ea is preferred. Any suggestions?

Honestly at this point I would probably suggest creating the plate yourself. You could get the proper thickness metal, cut it to size, and drill the proper size holes. I don’t know what your situation is so this might not be feasible, but it’s just something I wanted to point out.

More directly relating to your question, I found this: https://rarecomponents.com/store/perforated-flat-metal-strips/0204

In case you wanted to know, the way I found it was searching up “metal hole strips 4mm” and scrolling through the options

That’s very close to what I need. I but I need a US vendor. As for making them, yes it’s simple, but I’m looking for an off-the-shelf part.

If can you find what you need only with smaller holes, it’s easy to drill out to the larger diameter…

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goBILDA sells stuff for M4 screws, maybe one of these will work for you?

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Excellent. Totally forgot about this place. Aside from the price, that’s exactly what I need. But, under $1 each, that’s workable. For anyone else who stumbles across this thread, I’m still interested if something cheaper/thinner exists for M4 screws. Perhaps something similar to the Keystone Electronics brackets from Digikey, but flat.

The AndyMark S3 Joiner Gusset is more expensive at $1.40/each, but is thinner (.090" thick 5052 Aluminum):

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