Looking for a one stop shop for endmills

We recently got an OMIO X6 with a collet pack but are unsure of a good enough endmill vendor to purchase are bits for. We mostly plan to do aluminum sheet/ tube and occasional shome plywood/ MDF sheets.



I have always had great success with this company. Good luck.https://www.helicaltool.com/

If this is your first CNC machine and you are all just starting to operate it, I would suggest ordering some off of aliexpress.com. That way you wont be so upset every time you snap a bit from forgetting to set the Z offset, bad work offsets etc.

Once you get the hang of it I would suggest stepping up to some nicer bits.


Huhao 4mm x 12mm endmills are the best for beginners. They are very cheap and can survive fairly decent feeds and speeds. 4x 5-packs would not be amiss. I recommend an SFM of 1,0000 and a chipload of 0.0025 IPT. HUHAO 5pcs/lot Single Flute Spiral Cutter Router Bit Shank 4mm CNC End Mill For Acrylic Carbide Milling Cutter Tugsten Steel|router bit shank|cnc end millend mill - AliExpress

A 5-pack of 6mm x 17mm is also a good idea for heavier material removal and pocketing. I recommend an SFM of 1,0000 and a chipload of 0.004 IPT. HUHAO 5pcs/lot Shank 6mm Single Flute Spiral Cutter Router Bit For Acrylic Carbide Milling Cutter CNC Tools Machine Accessories|router bit|cutter router bitsingle flute spiral - AliExpress

Tool RPM = 4*SFM/D, where D is the diameter of the tool
Feedrate in IPM = IPT * Teeth * RPM, where Teeth = 1 for a single flute endmill like above.
Adjust your depth and width of cut until the machine sounds good. Make sure you use a mist cooler to cool the tool and clear chips.

You can run significantly faster in plywood than aluminum. For cutting plywood, get a 6mm x 25mm compression bit like this one: milling cutter woodwork UP & DOWN Cut 2 Flutes Spiral Carbide Milling Tool, CNC Router, Compression Wood End Mill Cutter Bits|Milling Cutter| - AliExpress
I don’t have a good specific source, but wood cuts easily enough. 4mm also works. Just run them at 18000-24000 RPM and 100 IPM+.

You can always run a lower SFM, but maintain chipload as a constant. If you need help calculating your feeds and speeds feel free to DM me.

Once you get the hang of using the machine, consider bits from (in order of increasing cost) Ozzyboards, WCP, and Onsrud. Ozzy and WCP bits are of similar quality, but WCP is more likely to have US stock and you’ll get your stuff quicker. Onsrud bits are a step above that, but cost several times more, so I would stick to using them for 1/4" tools (which are difficult to break) and only after you are pretty good at using the router.

I also recommend drilling your holes using uncoated HSS drill bits. McMaster has the best pricing on these that I’ve found for low quantity, but there may be a better source out there. McMaster-Carr
For drills, start at an IPR of 0.016*D and go up from there, where D is the diameter of the drill. For a 0.196" drill, this would be 0.0031". RPM = IPR * RPM. SFM should be 300, but don’t go below 9,000 RPM or the spindle will start to lose torque. Use a pecking cycle and mist coolant to protect the drill at these higher RPMs and help unseat chips.

Hope all that helps. May have been too much information, but having the chipload numbers can be useful when looking at new tools.


I appreciate the post. Just one question the first two bits you suggest would be for aluminum but the page says for acrylic is that just an ali express thing?

It’s just an Aliexpress thing. Some endmills are better than others even though they’re all labeled for plastic or wood. Some endmills are labeled for aluminum, but the couple I tried cost 2x as much as didn’t have any performance difference vs the standard plastic ones.

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We bought drill bits for our most common hole sizes (#9 & #21) but mostly we just use the 4mm end mill to spiral cut holes to avoid a (time consuming) tool change.

I have started testing out HQMaster router bits from amazon. So far so good, especially for the price.


I don’t have a one stop shop except for Ebay.

Endmills: Pretty much exclusively Kyrocera 1/8" single flute. Works on aluminum and plastic

18k RPM, 1/16" DOC, 20-25 IPM

Drill bits: I don’t drill holes except for .191 (#11) for rivets, and 1/16" for bend line markers, in which we have a lot of.

15-18k RPM, 24 IPM (.001 - .002 IPT)

For the 1/16" drill, I use the cheapest chinese drill I can find and it works well. I believe we have a 10 pack from somewhere

15k-18k RPM, 18 IPM.

WD-40 as coolant