Looking for a part..

Hello All,

Is there a site where I might be able to find Solidworks drawings to download? I’ve found 3dcontentcentral which had quite a few things but not what I’m after. I’m looking and willing to pay for a Solidworks design on the military kevlar helmet that is the current soldier issue.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

I don’t have the solidworks model for the helmet, but I have one… I think you’d be stepping on someone’s intellectual property if you acquired it in CAD and did anything more with it.

I’m looking to design a part for the helmet. An add-on if you will. Being a former ARMY Infantry soldier, this add-on could help tremendously. I’m just not advanced enough to draw the kelar helmet. I just need it for measurements. If you don’t mind, can you send it to bhandel76@yahoo.com ?
I only know solidworks. Is it compatible?
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I meant I have one of the helmets. Apologies. If you’re interested in discussing the addon, feel free to IM me sometime at eaterofname on AIM. I’m sure the dimensions for the front clip are out there, it is a standard…

On 3DContentCentral - try the “Request Content” area and ask the user community - this might work.

Also if you get a 2D drawing, try 2D to 3D conversion tools, these will help you form the 3D model. Let me know if you need help.