Looking for a Solidworks -Onshape expert who can write custom scripts

Do you have the ability to write custom scripts for SolidWorks or Onshape, See VRS 2.0 - Custom Robots! - YouTube. Check out the video-We currently have a Fusion360 Script that:

  1. removes small parts
    2.takes joints and makes a URDF file
    3 Produce stl files

Can you do the same for Onshape or Solidworks.

Let me know if you want more info.

Are the tools linked on the ROS wiki insufficient? Looks like they have URDF exporters for Onshape, Solidworks, Creo, Fusion and Blender:


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Thanks for the note.
Well they might cover the URDF part (I think) but we also need to

  1. remove the small parts.
  2. demesh
  3. and create stl files
    see the attached

18568robot_VRS_no wheels v2 (1).zip (9.6 MB)


Unless I’m missing something, a modification to the “Onshape to URDF” tool to “remove small parts” should be all that is needed.

This sample output from the converter looks similar to the zip you shared.

What do you mean by “demesh”?
What are the specifications or definition of a “small part” ?

Interesting. _Note -I can’t figure out how to download the files. Small parts are screens, nuts, washers. The exported file needs to be uploaded into this webapp. VRS: Configuration

I figured out how to get the files- but they don’t load in the webapp.

A better question. Do you know if there is a way to export onshape files that maintains their joints.