Looking for a team in London, UK

My son is 17-years-old in college in NW London, UK. We came from Canada where he was part of a team that competed in FRC every year (he completed 3 years, twice as electronics captain). Is it possible for him to find a team to join? His college does not have this option.

This should link to the UK teams participating in FRC in 2022:

Three of them are listed as being in London (two at the same school), but whether your son can join is their question to answer.

You may also want to expand your search to FIRST Tech Challenge; unlike FRC, there are actually events in the UK for it (and that makes it a lot easier for teams to exist).

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The two active teams are 1797 (Phoenix) and 1884 (Griffins). The only other team listed in London was 5781, but they apparently folded after the 2020 season according to Blue Alliance. Both the active teams are based out of The American School in London. Here’s their combined website. There’s no indication of whether or not they accept members from outside the school, so contacting them is probably the best option.

You can use this map, as well, but it looks like the same information.

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